Sunday, July 26, 2015

CONCACAF 3rd Round predictions

3rd round match ups

The winner will be placed with Mexico and Honduras
Match 1 El Salvador big over Curacao. El Salvador just crashed out of the Gold Cup. They will be determined to regain their dignity. Curacao, formally the Netherlands Antilles will have their Dutch pride up to beat them.
Match 2  Canada has to rebound after having high hopes for the Gold Cup and crashing out. They were not able to score on Costa Rica, Jamaica or El SAlvador but they should get a few past lowly Belize.  They should beat the English speaking Central American country of Belize. Canada was going to advance but they were placed with perennial power Mexico who always seems to qualify for the HEX. Canada will have to face their demons and play Honduras again. That right the same country who beat them 8-1 in the last cycle. This game eliminated Canada. Even El Salvador will be hard to beat at home. The Maple Leafs did not have any luck here.

These winners will play  Panama and Costa Rica
Match 3  Haiti played well in the Gold Cup and should get by 3 time Gold Cup participant Grenada...will we see Sharlee Joseph
Match 4 Jamaica over Nicaragua. Should be a great crowd in Managua.
    This group will have 2 Central American nations pace off against 2 Caribbean  powers (probably). I can see anyone getting through here.

The winners of game 5 & 6 will play T& T and USA
Match 5 St Vinny & G over Aruba. Well USA wants Aruba as a destination to play.....either way one of these teams is going to get smacked next round.
Match 6 Guatemala is very difficult at home. They should eat A&B.

USA crash out of Gold Cup

It is not as bad at it seems. The Jamaica game took a lot out of the USA. They wanted to play for the title. There was no emotion. After Panama was robbed again , by a USA official from participating in the know Klinsman lectured the team about not "getting into it emotionally"

This was a problem. The USA wanted to pass the ball in the "triangle", a lot like Spain, Germany, Barcelona ect does.    The problem with this 3rd place match was Michael Bradley. Bradley was the focal point of this attacking, ball possession game. Bradley lost the ball numerous times going on the attack,,,,why....well our poor captain was exhausted.

Bradley played every minute of every game. This 3rd place game meant nothing to him or the team. Bradley will never complain, just like a good captain. 

  1. The big problem I have is the player selection. Klinsmann plays Demarcus Beasly the 3rd place game. This game should have a game for the youngsters. 
  2. Should have rested Bradley with Corona or Mix Diskerud up top from the start.
  3. I like Tim Ream better than Chandler
  4. I like the veteran Gonzo better than Brooks in the important games
  5. Fabian Johnson was the most consistent defender.
  6. Yedlin is fast but can not dribble past anyone.
  7. Bedoya i liked since he did not lost the ball much at all.
  8. Did not mind inserting Dempsey in to spark the USA. He seems to be the only one to know how to take a foul. I give him a 10 on the acting side,,,but the Central American's flop all over the field.....
  9. Zardes and Johannson seem to be the only one to dribble forward. The are always on the attack. 
  10. Landon Donovan absence is missed with his dribbling and attacking forward. The USA team wants to keep possession, kick it around from side to side and open up a lane. This is what the good teams do. However the USA does not have Donovan to receive the pass and attack. Dempsey is good at it however the ball did not reach the forwards that much.
  11. Glad Rimando at 36 didn't play in the same breath I wish we saw Yarbrough. Guzan blew the throw out, that lead to the free kick goal. That goal was on him......and he is yelling at the ref. The ref called it right....accept your mistake...apologize to your team...and realize you can not do this. Howard is a much better goalie....
I do not mind Klinsmann's desire to have a possession game, side to side, looking for a weakness. I think the forwards are capable of scoring. Our biggest problem is the attacking midfielders. We need another Donovan. Zardes show great attacking skills, didn't lost the ball much and was a threat. We need Yedlin to learn how to dribble. 

Jeremy Jones 33 is a lot better than Beckerman 33 but both are 33 and we need another defensive dominant player to join the mix. 

The USA has scheduled games against Peru and Brazil in September, before the play Jamaica/Mexico winner for the CONCACAF playoff. Klinssmann has to find a midfield that works, that can connect and attack. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

USA dispatch Germany in soccer---take it east--it was the women

       The soccer world is not without it's excitement, Blatter resigns, claims he didn't .....Will the corruption ever end.

  Brazil was knocked out of the Copa America in the quarter finals. Now  Brazil knows how Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia feel. Messi is awesome, not flamboyant, just goooooooooood. I am hoping Chile can win their first Copa America on home soil, and if they do, not because the ref gave them a call.

The only CONCACAF team remaining in the 'World Cup is the USA. It looks like Mexico womens were put in a very difficult group with # 3 ranked France, #6 ranked England (who are still playing tonight) and upstart Colombia, who gave the USA a devil of a time in the opening knockout round.
    Costa Rica only lost one game 0-1 to Brazil, so hat off to them ladies.
     Canada women did well and lost 2-1 to England who scored 2 goals early and hung on. The Canada women believed they could win the World Cup and you could see the disappointment in their faces. I like their attitude and their young coach who preached to them. My yanks totally dominated the Germans......they starting to feel confident and have a dominating defense.

The Gold Cup is only a week away.....and I have to go on vacation,,,,,