Sunday, October 22, 2017

USA flop in the 2017 HEX


The USA national team will NOT be going to the 2018 World Cup. The USA fans are upset since they play in the lowly CONCACAF region. The CONCACAF is a joke of a federation with the corruption, bad calls and the other nations that play there. I hate CONCACAF right now and i want change.

The last Gold Cup was uninteresting, boring and predictable. The USA had huge advantages with crazy rules off adding players and playing at home.

The easiest way for businesses are to be successful is copy another successful business and just do it better. Well we do not have to look any further than UEFA and mimic what they do to promote soccer in this area.

CONCACAF must combine with CONMEBOL and play more meaningful games. We have to create our own Nations League for national teams and play every year with promotion and relegation.
We have to have a 16 team copa america with qualification. This qualification will breath life into stagnant nations and bring meaning full games.

Then have World Cup qualification with CONMEBOL.

Sunil Gulati has to lead the USA ---out of what will be a 5 year lul until the World Cup 2022.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

USA in 4th in the HEX

   The USA gained 4 points of a possible 6 during their last 2 games. The good news is; they beat and tied the two teams they will be fighting, for the 4 automatic qualifying spots. (Honduras and Panama)

        The top 3 team in the HEX qualify for the World Cup directly. The 4th place team goes into a playoff against the Asian Federation's 5th place.  

The USA remaining schedule:

June 8th                  Trinidad & Tobago @ USA        W
June 11th                 USA    @    Mexico                    L  maybe a tie

Sept 1st                Costa Rica @ USA                      W maybe a tie
Sept   5th              USA           @  Honduras               T

The USA has some nice competitive games coming up. They should beat Caribbean nation Trinidad and Tobago, especially with out the influence of the corrupt Jack Warner behind the scenes and his corrupt influence. T&T are big and fast but lack overall talent to run with the Yanks. in the states.

The USA then travels to Mexico where it is near impossible to win or get a favorable call there. However Mexico did beat my Yanks in the USA and the USA could play with payback in mind. They should be playing with confidence and much more desperate than the Aztec's. The Aztec's hopefully will have an unblemished record at this point and will be playing for pride. 
-- The next 2 games are against Central American foes....more on those this summer.

But all us yank fans can breath a sigh of relief after gaining 4 points and watching the usa team play. They have always been a solid defensive team to break down and have tall trees (Brooks, Gonzo,

Saturday, March 25, 2017

HEX updates

   Mexico, USA and Trinidad and Tobago all won their games yesterday. Lets start with the leaders Mexico,

Mexico is comfortably in the lead with 7 points. They have beaten their top competition USA (away) and now Costa Rica. Mexico can go into cruse control now.

The USA got a huge win over Honduras 6-0. Thats right 6-0 and they looked that good. The US just has to place in the top 3 so victories over Panama, Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago are a must. The USA now will play the hugly important game in Panama -Tuesday night. A win here willl have the jump over 3rd place Panama. A tie will keep the HEX tight but still manageable. The USA would have to win all games at home and match any away win against Panama. A loss will see Panama pull 4 points ahead of the states and create doubt in every USA fans mind. The USA will NOT get any calls in Panama and just might get a few calls against playing in Central America. Every team has to deal with that.

Panama lost a tight game away to Trinidad and Tobago. Panama will still be confident since they already beat Honduras 1-0 in Honduras and they tied Perennial power Mexico 0-0 in Panama. Panama wants to get over the hump....which is USA. They have already tied the USA in the USA 0-0 in the important Gold Cup 2015. Then they beat the USA in the 3rd place game in a penalty shootout. They know they can beat the states, they just have to execute Tuesday night in Panama city. This is the big game of the HEX on Tuesday.

Next games   March 28th Tuesday Night

USA @ Panama:    The big game to determine the 3rd team in the HEX. Panama will give the yanks everything they have. The USA has to play compact and look to counter strike where they are most dangerous. These 2 team are presently fighting for the all important 3rd place.

Costa Rica @ Honduras:      The big Central American clash. Honduras is the Central American Champs and do not want to lose face after getting thrashed in the USA. Costa Rica will find Honduras a tad technically lower than Mexico and they will not want to lose 2 games in a row.

Mexico @ Trinidad and Tobago. Mexico is the best nation in the HEX. T&T almost lost points to Panama, Mexico will not miss on any opertunities T&T give them. Mexico should solidify 1st place here  and T&T will be virtually knocked out.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

U-20 ,World Cup draw. USA, Ecuador, Senegal and Saudi Arabia

The United States will play Ecuador, Senegal and Saudi Arabia in the first round of the Under-20 World Cup in South Korea.

    The USA looked good here in this group, for the fact there are not perennial powers like Germany, Spain, Italy, Argentina or Brazil to contend with. 

The USA has fast athletic players and the midfield are starting to dribble through the middle like other top talented teams do. 

below are the groups.