Saturday, September 24, 2011

Round 2 attendance

CONCACAF Round 2 attendance

The first games of round 2 are in the books. What mostly interests me is the “interest” of other fans. I was thinking before these games started that El Salvador and Guatemala would have good fan participation and they both came through will flying colors. Canada, Belize, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were all disappointments to me. Haiti and Nicaragua both had great turn outs.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Group D Canada, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St Lucia

   Canada looked like the superior team and they won at home

It sounded like Puerto Rico also dominated but only can away with 1 point for the tie. 

The big game is when Canada plays in Puerto Rico and that game is Tuesday

Group A El Salvador v Dominican Republic

El Salvador beat the Dominican Republic in Cuscatalab if front of 25,272 spectators. This was by far the biggest WCQ game in CONCACAF so far. El Salvador fans turn out to see their national team play. The score was closer than the game itself.

El Salvador had the far superior team. They were technically sound and had better players at the majority of positions. This could have been a route.

The Dominican Republic had many bad fouls that could injure players. The Dominican Republic also got away with a few fouls in the box that could have been penaltiey shots.

What I did not like was the constant flopping, and grabbing knees by the El Salvador team when they went down. I hate that!

  Suriname was the other winner in the group. Suriname only won 1-0 v the CAyman ISland. Suriname was at home.