Friday, March 26, 2010

UNCAF Nations Cup 2011 Host to be Panama

After many reports that the UNCAF Nations cup would be held in Costa Rica we finally get notice fron UNCAF web site with new news. Panama will be hosting regional tournamnet. It also sounds like there will be a name change for this tournament. the new name indicated it will be Central American Cup.

I think this is great that Panama, the reigning Champions will be hosting over Costa Rica. Since 1991, Costa Rica has already hosted twice (1999, 1991). Guatemala, El Salvador have also hosted twice. Honduras has hosted the most at 3 while Panama 1 (2003) and Nicaragua (0) and Belize (0) have the least. UNCAF seems to be spreading the wealth around which is great for this tournament. No one nation has such a big advantage. (like USA and the gold Cup).

Panama has invested close to $19 million to refurbish their national stadium Estadio Rommell Fernandez. The nation is eager to show it off. Here are a few pictures of the new facility. Panam's has the 2nd best economy (after Costa Rica). Their futball program has increased every year and the results have shown on the national level.

Past host
1991 Costa Rica 1st
1993 Honduras 1st
1995 El Salvador 1st
1997 Guatemala 1st
1999 Costa Rica 2nd
2001 Honduras 2nd
2003 Panama 1St
2005 Guatemala 2nd
2007 El Salvador 2nd
2009 Honduras 3rd
2011 Panama 2nd
As you can see this is the second "go around" of hosting this tournament. Nicaragua just finished building a national stadium in Managua which is FIFA certified. They will soon be looking to host once their national team becomes competative enough to win the tournament.

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