Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rommel Fernandez Remodeling 19.71 Million

Rommel Fernandez Remodeling to 19.71 Million

The remodeling of the national stage of soccer of Panama, Rommel Fernandez, will cost 19.71 million dollars, informed east Sunday the General Contraloría into the Republic.The source, in an official notice, indicated that the general controller of Panama, Carlos Vallarino, authenticated the contract between the National Institute of Sports (INDE/PANDEPORTES) and the company Administradora de Proyectos de Construcción, S.A. (APROCOSA) to realise works.The agreement, subscribed recently by the director of PANDEPORTES, Ramon Cardoze, and the representative of APROCOSA, Xiomara Pinto of Herrera, establishes that the contractor must conclude the work “within the 400 days calendars, counted from the delivery of the order of coming”, indicates the source.He emphasizes that, in case of delay, after the term indicated for the culmination of the work, the contractor will pay to state sport the equivalent to the 1 percent of the total value of the contract, divided between 30 days, for liquidation of damages by the caused damages and the same will be discounted of the payments that will have to take place him.The remodeling of the Rommel Stage Fernandez will duplicate its capacity with 126 new theater boxes, area for the commercial premises, 15,000 new armchairs, 4 dressing rooms with room of massage, hidromasaje, area of training, system of illumination and electrical board.The project comprises of the Sport City, that includes the remodeling of the Gymnasium Durán Robert; and that will count on a center of sport training, sport medicine and physical training.Also, of an area for lodging with 40 rooms, cafeteria, laundry and hall qualification; a synthetic field with prescribed measures and capacity for 1,000 fans, with dressing rooms, social area and illumination, concludes the Contraloría.