Saturday, January 30, 2010

Importance of Rotating the Gold Cup

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Rotating the Gold Cup

Each and every Gold Cup has been hosted or co-hosted by the USA. Everyone knows that there is a huge advantage of playing on your home pitch. Reviewing the past CONCACAF Championship and Gold Cup we can see that the home team has won 9 out of 12 Championships. There was no tournament so no home field advantage applied in 1985 and 1989 years. We can clearly see the advantage a host team benefits from. This factor alone should be enough to rotate the Gold Cup around the CONCACAF region.

The problem with rotating the Gold Cup is the lack of attendance other nations would have when hosting. The reason why the CONCACAF Championship was cancel was because of this reason. We can also look at the past UNCAF Cups and the Caribbean Cups. UNCAF 2005 in El Salvador was a very poorly attended tournament. Stadiums were empty. UNCAF 2007 was better in Tegucigalpa but only when the host played. When Los Catrachos played there was a tremendous turn out of about 20,000 in attendance. However when the host was knocked out there was under 2,000 in attendance.
The important 5ht place finish between Guatemala and Nicaragua only 150 people were in attendance. CONCACAF has to guard against this huge drop in attendance.
CONCACAF is in a Catch 22 situation here. So I have a solution. Why doesn’t CONCACAF let the region of Central America host the Gold Cup? This would not be one country hosting but 4. This would solve the problem of poorly attended games. This would also provide great exposure to the region. The countries could show off their national stadiums. The fans would be treated to the best soccer in the region and finally the regional tournament would be rotated outside of the USA.

Each Central American country's population is only the size of a US state on average. Guatemala, El Salvador Honduras and Costa Rica are roughly the size of New York, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia respectively. Gold Cup "Central America" would be like playing it in 4 Mid Atlantic states. If we can fly 12 teams across America for every game we could certainly have 4 teams stay in one country for 3 games. I say let Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador host group play consisting of 4 teams. Costa Rica could host the other quarter, semi and Finals. This allows 4 Central American countries host at least 6 games.
This action would be good for a number of reasons. First it would provide great exposure to the host country and its national soccer league. Each host country would be showing off its city, its national stadium and its proud national team. The cities would be draped in the countries flag. This would be great to see. Soccer is by far the number one sport in each of these countries and they deserve to host the regional event.
I say event because there will be such a big build up before the game. The local media will be competing how their presentation stacks up against the other Central American hosts. The media will point out that this is a historical event since it would be over 30 years since the regional Championship has been hosted in Central America (Honduras last hosted in 1981).
Olimpico Stadium, 45,000

San Pedro Sula, HondurasThe groups would also be more balanced. The USA and Mexico are always a clear favorite in the Gold Cup now. However in Central America the playing field will be much more equal. Costa Rica badly beat the Yanks 3:1 while Honduras matched the score 3:1 against Mexico. El Salvador also beat Mexico 2:1 at Cuscatalan Stadium. The home venues will give all the Central American nations the advantage the Yanks have had sine 1991 when the Gold Cup started. The Central American teams will be much more comfortable playing on their home pitch in front of their home crowd. We would probable crown a Champion that is not from North –North America for the first time in Gold Cup history. If there was a favorite is would probably be the host nation in each group. This would create a much more competitive Gold Cup than any previous tournaments. This would show the dept that CONCACAF has acquired over time.

Honduras has close to 8 Million people who consider soccer the number 1 sport they follow. Honduras could host a group in 2 stadiums in 2 different cities (San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa). Each game will be a double header just as it is now in the States. Olimpico Stadium in San Pedro Sula holds 45,000 and is a great venue built in 1998. San Pedro Sula is considered the industrial capitol of Honduras and the venue has natural grass. Andino Stadium in Tegucigalpa holds 35,000 could be the other host city in Honduras. The local media angle would be that the last CONCACAF Championship was hosted in Honduras and Honduras won that event. They have a very strong domestic league and a very good national team. Honduras could host 6 group games (double header). These 2 cities would pack their stadiums for Gold Cup Central America.

Cuscatlan Stadium, San Salvador
Capacity 45,000.
El Salvador
El Salvador has a country of close to 7 Million people. This is a very proud soccer nation that reached 2 World Cups. They have not regained that stature since. Hosting the Gold Cup would be a huge step to rejuvenate the fans of El Salvador. El Salvador would be a great pick to host a group. They have made great strides is both their domestic league and national team. They had a historic 2:1 victory over the Titans of CONCACAF Mexicoin 2009. They also beat regional power Costa Ricaback to back for the first time in history. Cuscatlan Stadium in San Salvador has tremendous fan support. This stadium holds over 45,000 and the stadium rocks when the national team plays there. There was not an empty seat in the most recent World Cup Qualifying match against the Yanks. Gonzalez Stadium also located in the largest city of San Salvador holds 25,000. Since the games would be close to each other logistics sould not be a problem.

Guatemala was recently knocked out of Gold Cup 2009 by upstart Nicaragua. This is a shame for this passionate nation of fans. Now Guatemala fans have to suffer through another 4 years with out a World Cup spot and another 4 years between Gold Cups. This country of over 13 Million would be energized if they knew they would be hosting 6 Group stage games for the Gold Cup. The federation and fans would be eager to show off Guatemala and Guatemala soccer to the rest of CONCACAF. I know I looked ahead every 2 years to the Gold Cup with excitement it brings. Guatemalans would feel that they too have a chance to win this tournament.
Flores Stadium in Guatemala holds over 30,000 passionate fans. These fans gathered 5 hours before the World Cup Qualifying against the USA. I believe if we play group play in 2 different stadiums the fans will come out again to support their national team. Guatemala City would be draped in the national colors and the Guatemala flag would be everywhere. Fans like these would support the national team throughout the country.
Stadium Progreso holds 17,000 and this could be the other venue for 2 games (double header games). It would be great to see these stadiums packed with these fervent fans. Advancing in the Gold Cup would show the nation and its fans that they too have advanced in soccer.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica has the best infrastructure of any Central American nation. The Tico’s have always produces quality national teams. Costa Rica could host the final the quarter finals, semi-final and final game. They (Costa Rica) would be sure to make the knockout round when playing in Central America. This would give Costa Rica 7 games to host.
Costa Rica will also have a brand new national Stadium that is set to open November 2010. This $83 Million dollar stadium will be the show piece of Gold Cup Central America in 2011.
This region has given CONCACAF quality teams and it is time to pay them back. Each Gold Cup game (double headers) would be close to capacity to circumvent empty stadiums. By having the host have 2 venues will also increase fan attendance. Hosting would provide tremendous exposure to each domestic league. The fans of each country deserve to have to opportunity to host the regional Championship on their home field. Rotating the Gold Cup out of the States would legitimize the Gold Cup. The home field advantage that the Yanks have had would be eliminated. The Groups also would be more balanced. Mexico and the USA would be “equal” contestants in this Gold Cup. With no favorite in Gold Cup Central America it would create a wide open tournament. This tournament also would be much more exciting. We should not see favorable official calls go in favor of Mexico and the Yanks like in the past.
Statistically we can see the advantage playing on your home field. The regional tournament has to be rotated to create fairness to this competition. By playing the tournament in Central America would provide a much more equal playing field. The groups would be much more balanced. This will created interest in the region and throughout CONCACAF.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newest Stadiums in Guatemala

It was a very difficult finding pictures of new stadiums in Guatemala but here are a few. I ws impressed with the these stadiums.

Below is Estadio Mario Camposeco
Capacity 10,000

Below Estadio Los Cuchumatanes
Capacity 10,000

Below is Estadio Julian Tesucun
Capacity 8,000
Location San Jose Peten
Club Deportivo Heredia

this is a second picture of the same stadium with the team in action

Estadio Municipal de Sanarate
El Progresso Guatemala

Zacapa, Guatemala
This pic is of a stadium in Zacapa guatemala.
Capacity 10,000
Zacapa playes in Guatemala top division.

Estadio David Ordoñez Bardales
Capacidad: 10,000
Ciudad: Zacapa

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nicaragua Stadiums

This is the latest picture I have of the national stadium in Nicaragua. Hopefully a team from Nicaragua will be albe to play a Champions league game in Nicaragua if this one meets FIFA requirements...

El Salvador Stadiums

Stadiums of Guatemala

Stadiums of Guatemala
The first picture is of Estadio Mateo Flores located in the Capitol of Guatemala, Guatemala City. The titans of Guatemala soccer play here. They are Municipal and Comunications. The national team also plays here. This is the biggest and best stadium in the country. 30,000 capacity.

This next picture is Estadio Los Cuchumatanes de Huehuetenango Guatemala. The Club is Xinabajul and they play in the top league along with Municipal and Comunications. This stadium is the newest built in 2007. It has 10,000 capacity.

This 3rd picture is Estadio Pedrera. Club Comunications play there when it open in 2001 but they do not play here now. It is located in Guatemala City.

This last venue is Estadio de San Miguel Petapa

Stadiums of Costa Rica

Saprissa Stadium

Lets take a look at the best Stadiums in Central America. We first have to start with wath I consider the best soccer country in the region. That would be none other that Costa Rica. We will first start with Saprissa Stadium. The Yank just lost there in the final HEX-2008. This was a great game for the Costa Rican nation. This also added to the folk law of the Stadium. This stadium is referred to at the Monsters Cave. Saprissa the Purple dragons play there so the nickname Monsters Cave kind of fits. Presently the field turf that was deplorable is being replaced with new field turf. Thank Goodness for that.

Stadium Estadio Alejandro
Nickname The Cathredral
Location San Jose, CRC
Capacity 17,895
Opened 1942
Club LD Alajuense

Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto is a multi-purpose stadium in Alajuela, Costa Rica. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of LD Alajuelense. The stadium is located in El Llano de Alajuela. The Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto is known as the Cathedral of Costa Rican Soccer. On July 20, 1966, due to a motion by the Municipality of Alajuela, the stadium was renamed to honor the great Alajuelense and Barcelona player Alejandro Morera Soto. On March 19, 1970 the stadium saw its first night game when Alajuelense faced Honduras Club team Motagua, beating them 4-1. The stadium is not only home to Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, but it is also shares itself along with Estadio Ricardo Saprissa as the home of the Costa Rican National team.

This 3rd Stadiums belongs to the Club Sport Herediano. Estadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero. This stadium is located in Heredia, Costa Rica. The capacity is 13,500. The most recent immprovements was the press box and the seats in the Stadium. I have pictures of the stadium with only cement seating which is no was to view a game. All 3 of these stadiums are located very close to each other.

In general, few changes looming in the stadiums of the First Division, ahead of the new football However, clubs are the largest category against time, since for the Summer Tournament 2010 should meet a long list of sporting requirements, infrastructure, administrative, legal and financial which are imposed by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) for the largest category teams.
But for now there are few improvements they plan to do in their sports venues.

In Herediano agenda do have a plan to improve the Rosabal Cordero, while Alajuelense soon begin changing its natural turf synthetic.

. The Carthaginian agenda also has various arrangements in the "Fello" Meza, "but does not have the liquidity to do," says sports manager Miguel Calvo. “ "The bleachers are that many, we must build a space for the press and the visitors' clubhouse should be extended," says Calvo.
. Less than two weeks before the start of the Winter Tournament 2008, received Most Improved stadium is "Cuty" Monge of Bruges, which has new synthetic turf and remodeled clubhouse and a parking for 300 vehicles. The leadership of the club has invested more than sorcerer ¢ 300 million in its stronghold.

Jose Joaquin Hernandez, president of the National Football Union (UNAFUT) notes that the improvements required by the FIFA regulations must be completed in January 2010.
"It'sa great opportunity to improve football in Costa Rica and the professionalism of the clubs. The investment in stadiums that came long unless and apply them to literally FIFA regulations required, we can not be complacent. You all have been warned.

First team All have a liability policy of the INS, or otherwise it'll can not compete.
Radiografía Radiography

Stadium: Eladio Rosabal Cordero.
Capacidad: 7.321 personas. Capacity: 7321 persons.
Situación: Location: You will be improvements in the bleachers and press boxes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

El Salvador stadiums

These are some of the top Stadiums located in El Salvador.

This first picture is of Cuscatalan stadium located in San Salvador. This stadium has the capacity of 50,000. The Club team is Alienza FC

This Stadium is also located in the Capitol city of San Salvador. This stadium is called Estadio Magico Gonzales. The Club team that plays here is

Construction: 1935 to the Central American and Caribbean Games in the period of President Maximiliano Hernández Martínez and remodeled in 2002.
Name: It was founded originally under the name "National Stadium Flor Blanca San Salvador" on 13 April 1935 and renamed in 2006 as Estadio Jorge Magico Gonzalez "in honor of the player.
Location: 49 Avenida Norte, Colonia Flor Blanca, San Salvador.
Capacidad: 35,000 espectadores. Capacity: 35,000 spectators.

This next 2 pictures are of the same stadium at different angles. Estadio Flor Blanca -Gonzalez 32,000 Club Atletico San Salvador Marte.jpg

The team from San Miguel El Salvador play in Estadio Barraz pictured here. They have bright new orange seats

El Salvador 2009 season in review

The soccer tournament with a national classic just between two of the top teams in our country, in a meeting that brought together two of the biggest bars and faithful of our round: the orange of the Eagle of St. Michael and the ocelots of FAS.
horrible de nuestro fútbol. But as is tradition, we get to light what we consider good, the bad, the ugly and the ugly of our football.
. We started with the FAS Santaneco team, who won his crown number 17, how good was the arrival at the lair of the Engineer Byron Rodriguez, president of the entire wild cat, who looked back to the table Western mysticism with the arrival of players who were included in the past, as the case of Williams and Alejandro Reyes Bentos.
To many fans of FAS, the former team president Santaneco, Reinaldo Valley, was driving badly the team, even it was clear to see in the matches at the stadium Quiteño placards against the manager. Furthermore, poor head to let go of players who became figures in their new teams, it was common (as the case of Paraguay Nestor Ayala, or the Uruguayan Paolo Suarez, or as it was Williams Reyes in Metapán). FAS has always been a leader in the table and his numbers say it all with twelve wins, two draws and four losses, with 38 points.
As good opening tournament 2009, we must add to the team Atletico Marte, a modest club that did not hire big-name players, but the very basis on which climbed to the first division of the hands of Argentine Ramiro Zepeda, as demonstrated throughout the capital , youth and skill took possession throughout the tournament in the first four places in the table, and giving good football in every match. Unfortunately not able to reach the semifinals but deserved to be on one of the four posts.
As a third point of the good of the tournament is the Eagle and Firpo, clubs you directly involved with football, in Wil Salgado, Josef San Miguel Arguedas in boxers. Ambos clubes se armaron con buenos jugadores y buenos y técnicos, tuvieron protagonismo en el torneo y el Aguila llegó hasta la final, quedando fuera del título por los tigrillos del FAS. Both clubs were armed with good players and good and technicians, had prominence in the tournament and the Eagle came to the final, losing out the title for the ocelots of FAS.
The trouble is we give the whole Metapán, a team that was decimated with the departure of key players such as Paolo Suarez, Williams Reyes, Dagoberto Portillo, among others, giving as a result always be below the top of the table, and suffer thrashings both the local football and the CONCACAF tournament.
Another bad point was the economic problem and Nejapa Balboa to players, a problem that was evident on the court when these teams did not show good sporting level product of economic motivation suffered. . The ugly is undoubtedly the Alliance, a team of tradition, by name, who is president a "Mercenary Deportivo," that knows little football and plenty of know that you're looking for income without having come by love the team or sporting purposes, but clearly interests outside the sport and what is worse the team.
The Athos remained in eighth place in the standings with 17 points, winning three games, tying eight and losing seven, numbers that show the little red head that Mr Lisandro Pohl to hire foreigners of low quality (no doubt paquetasos) , and Mr. Nelson Ancheta removing the technical direction of the team, a decision-sporting, showing again that is a man who is governed by our football-sporting interests.
He also leads Horrible, no doubt, Mr. Lisandro Pohl, misnamed Alliance team president, who under his leadership has made two short tournaments albos not raise his head and is at the bottom of the table positions.
. It's a shame that a team like the Alliance is run by a guy like Lisandro Pohl, a man who has turned the capital's set an embarrassment at a club sport and has put aside his mystique and tradition in the courts.
Good for all ocelots another crown that achievement either by the feathered and Firpo Boxers, we hope to continue reaping successes and good meetings in the next tournament, and we hope that Mr. Polho understand that it is best to put aside and leave a club like the Alliance to people who love football who identify with the Alliance and who understand and know the sport so cute.

Douglas Alvarenga, from Fairfax, Va.