Tuesday, January 5, 2010

El Salvador 2009 season in review

The soccer tournament with a national classic just between two of the top teams in our country, in a meeting that brought together two of the biggest bars and faithful of our round: the orange of the Eagle of St. Michael and the ocelots of FAS.
horrible de nuestro fútbol. But as is tradition, we get to light what we consider good, the bad, the ugly and the ugly of our football.
. We started with the FAS Santaneco team, who won his crown number 17, how good was the arrival at the lair of the Engineer Byron Rodriguez, president of the entire wild cat, who looked back to the table Western mysticism with the arrival of players who were included in the past, as the case of Williams and Alejandro Reyes Bentos.
To many fans of FAS, the former team president Santaneco, Reinaldo Valley, was driving badly the team, even it was clear to see in the matches at the stadium Quiteño placards against the manager. Furthermore, poor head to let go of players who became figures in their new teams, it was common (as the case of Paraguay Nestor Ayala, or the Uruguayan Paolo Suarez, or as it was Williams Reyes in Metapán). FAS has always been a leader in the table and his numbers say it all with twelve wins, two draws and four losses, with 38 points.
As good opening tournament 2009, we must add to the team Atletico Marte, a modest club that did not hire big-name players, but the very basis on which climbed to the first division of the hands of Argentine Ramiro Zepeda, as demonstrated throughout the capital , youth and skill took possession throughout the tournament in the first four places in the table, and giving good football in every match. Unfortunately not able to reach the semifinals but deserved to be on one of the four posts.
As a third point of the good of the tournament is the Eagle and Firpo, clubs you directly involved with football, in Wil Salgado, Josef San Miguel Arguedas in boxers. Ambos clubes se armaron con buenos jugadores y buenos y técnicos, tuvieron protagonismo en el torneo y el Aguila llegó hasta la final, quedando fuera del título por los tigrillos del FAS. Both clubs were armed with good players and good and technicians, had prominence in the tournament and the Eagle came to the final, losing out the title for the ocelots of FAS.
The trouble is we give the whole Metapán, a team that was decimated with the departure of key players such as Paolo Suarez, Williams Reyes, Dagoberto Portillo, among others, giving as a result always be below the top of the table, and suffer thrashings both the local football and the CONCACAF tournament.
Another bad point was the economic problem and Nejapa Balboa to players, a problem that was evident on the court when these teams did not show good sporting level product of economic motivation suffered. . The ugly is undoubtedly the Alliance, a team of tradition, by name, who is president a "Mercenary Deportivo," that knows little football and plenty of know that you're looking for income without having come by love the team or sporting purposes, but clearly interests outside the sport and what is worse the team.
The Athos remained in eighth place in the standings with 17 points, winning three games, tying eight and losing seven, numbers that show the little red head that Mr Lisandro Pohl to hire foreigners of low quality (no doubt paquetasos) , and Mr. Nelson Ancheta removing the technical direction of the team, a decision-sporting, showing again that is a man who is governed by our football-sporting interests.
He also leads Horrible, no doubt, Mr. Lisandro Pohl, misnamed Alliance team president, who under his leadership has made two short tournaments albos not raise his head and is at the bottom of the table positions.
. It's a shame that a team like the Alliance is run by a guy like Lisandro Pohl, a man who has turned the capital's set an embarrassment at a club sport and has put aside his mystique and tradition in the courts.
Good for all ocelots another crown that achievement either by the feathered and Firpo Boxers, we hope to continue reaping successes and good meetings in the next tournament, and we hope that Mr. Polho understand that it is best to put aside and leave a club like the Alliance to people who love football who identify with the Alliance and who understand and know the sport so cute.

Douglas Alvarenga, from Fairfax, Va.

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