Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newest Stadiums in Guatemala

It was a very difficult finding pictures of new stadiums in Guatemala but here are a few. I ws impressed with the these stadiums.

Below is Estadio Mario Camposeco
Capacity 10,000

Below Estadio Los Cuchumatanes
Capacity 10,000

Below is Estadio Julian Tesucun
Capacity 8,000
Location San Jose Peten
Club Deportivo Heredia

this is a second picture of the same stadium with the team in action

Estadio Municipal de Sanarate
El Progresso Guatemala

Zacapa, Guatemala
This pic is of a stadium in Zacapa guatemala.
Capacity 10,000
Zacapa playes in Guatemala top division.

Estadio David OrdoƱez Bardales
Capacidad: 10,000
Ciudad: Zacapa


Anonymous said...

some of these stadiums look pretty good yet when I watch the games on tv especially when the national teams plays they look horrible. I guess Guatemala probably has the nicest stadiums in central america. said...

Ciao form Italy

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in fact Anonymous, you have to see the other countries stadiums, like the "Magico Gonzales" or the new National Stadium in Costa Rica.

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