Friday, June 19, 2015

Knockout rounds are set--USA plays Monday and Canada plays Sunday

    The USA will battle Colombia in Edmonton While Canada will face off against European side Switzerland.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

CONCACAF WCQ Second round is inthe books...some surprises.


Team 1Agg.Team 21st leg2nd leg
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6–6 (a) Guyana2–24–4
Antigua and Barbuda 5–4 Saint Lucia1–34–1
Puerto Rico 1–2 Grenada1–00–2
Dominica 0–6[note 1] Canada0–20–4
Dominican Republic 1–5 Belize1–20–3
Guatemala 1–0 Bermuda0–01–0
Aruba 0–3 Barbados0–20–1
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3–6 El Salvador2–21–4
Curaçao 1–1 (a) Cuba0–01–1
Nicaragua 4–1 Suriname1–03–1

Curacao over Cuba

   Well this biggest upset on paper is little Curacao ranked 182 beating Cuba (124) on away goals. Cuba population is about 10 Million while Curacao, the little Dutch island is about 150,000. This is the first time Curacao is trying to qualify......  The Dutch always have a great team in the World Cup....This is a little Dutch island.

Nicaragua over Surname

Another upset is Nicaragua (175) over Surname(133). Nicaragua won 2 games in the last qualifying cycle 2011 against Grendad. This cycle Nicaragua advances to the third round for the first time in history. Nicaragua is trying to catch up to the quality of the other Central American countries. This is great news for Nicaragua.

Pot 3Pot 4
  1.  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (134)
  2.  Saint Lucia (138)
  3.  Grenada (142)
  1.  Antigua and Barbuda (149)
  2.  Guyana (153)
  3.  Puerto Rico (155)
Pot 5Pot 6
  1.  Canada (122)
  2.  Cuba (124)
  3.  Aruba (124)
  4.  Dominican Republic (126)
  5.  El Salvador (127)
  6.  Suriname (131)
  7.  Guatemala (134)
  1.  Saint Kitts and Nevis (159)
  2.  Belize (162)
  3.  Dominica (168)
  4.  Barbados (169)
  5.  Bermuda (173)
  6.  Nicaragua (175)
  7.  Curaçao (1
Barbados over Aruba

On paper this was an upset....Aruba was the 11 ranked team in CONCACAF which was a joke. To me this was a toss up. 

Belize over Dominican Repiblic

I thought finally Dominican Republic would break out and show us they are capable of producing a competative team in CONCACAF. I have been waiting 8 years....and I am getting old. 

El Salvador squeeked Saint Kitts and Nevis. This was a surprise that St Kitts tied El Salvador in the first match. I think El Salvador is a top 10 team in CONCACAF year in year out. 

A&B over St Lucia.

Guatemala narrowely getting by a quality Bermuda team. I think this was the toughest draw against Bermuda.....and they almost pulled off a huge upset.

Canada won 6-0 aggregate over Dominica....They should have.