Sunday, June 14, 2015

A run around CONCACAF

FIFA Woman's World Cup Canada
Canada's Christine Sinclair

Group E

PldWDLGFGAGDPtsGroup stage result
1 Brazil (A)220030+36Advance to knockout stage
2 Costa Rica20203302
3 Spain201112−11Knockout stage or elimination
4 South Korea201124−21
     The biggest even is the Women's World Cup being hosted by Canada. CONCACAF had 4 participants. Canada, USA, Costa Rica and Mexico. Canada and the USA will advance to the knockout round which is great news for the tournament. The tournament needs the host nation to at least got he knockout stage. Canada looks like they have a quality team and they may make some noise. The USA are one of the favorites with Germany, Brazil, Sweden and woops France. Lets not forget about Australia....they could have easily beat the USA if not for some spectacular saves by Hope Solo...the star USA keeper. Costa Rica sits second behind  world Power Brazil, Who they will play the 17th. Mexico has not played well and look like they will be bounced in the group stages.

WCQ Second round[edit]

Team 1Agg.Team 21st leg2nd leg
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Guyana2–214 Jun
Antigua and Barbuda  Saint Lucia1–314 Jun
Puerto Rico  Grenada1–016 Jun
Dominica [note 1] Canada0–216 Jun
Dominican Republic  Belize1–214 Jun
Guatemala  Bermuda0–015 Jun
Aruba  Barbados0–214 Jun
Saint Kitts and Nevis  El Salvador2–216 Jun
Curaçao  Cuba0–014 Jun
Nicaragua  Suriname1–016 Jun
  There were some stunning results. Both El Salvador and Guatemala tied their first against Saint Kitts and Nevis and Bermuda respectively. Guatemala was tied at they at least have to get a goal away at Saint Kitts and Nevis. Other surprises was Caruacao drawing with mighty Caribbean power Cuba. Belize also surprised me, or I should say Dominican Republic continues to disappoint me. Suriname has a quality team but Nicaragua won the first game. CONCACAF has 5 teams that will get bounced from qualification today. Guatemala Saturday and El Salvador fait will be determined Sunday.

Copa America 2015

Mexico and Jamaica both entered teams in this very entertaining tournament. Mexico disappointed in the play agains t Bolivia and have a tie. Jamaica has a loss to Uruguay and impressed. Uruguay are your defending Champions and they have the Barcelona forward Luis Suarez who bites. Brazil  has stars  everywhere but Neyman, the skinny 23 year old forward is spectacular, Argentina has Messi, the best footballer on the planet by a wide margin....sorry Ronaldo..Chile is playing at home and have a very fast and talented team. Their goal keeper is Barcelona's . I am hoping Chile win on home soil.

Remember the next Copa America is 2016 in the USA ....featuring a combination of the 10 South American nations and the 6 best CONCACAf nations....

The USA U-20 was knocked out of the U-20 By Serbia in a penalty shoot out in heart breaking fashion.

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