Monday, June 8, 2015

USA is only CONCACAF nation alive in the U-20 World Cup

The USA is the only CONCACAF nation to make the knockout rounds in this edition of the U-20 World Cup. This edition is being hosted my New Zealand, which is knows as the best Rugby Nation in the World.

Mexico who won the CONCACAF Championship was in a very formidable group of European team Serbia, who won the group. They were followed by South American (senior) power Uruguay and surprise team Mali from Africa. Mexico lost to Mail and Serbia and CONCACAF biggest threat was eliminated in the Group stage.

Panama who reached the CONCACAF Championship and only lost to Mexico in a penalty shoot out was placed against Argentina, Austria and Ghana. Both Argentina and Panama were knocked out of this group.

Honduras was not expected to do much and they didn't do much. They were placed in Germany's group. No matter what age group Germany will always be the favorites. This was no exception. Surprisingly Honduras beat Asian side Uzebekistan but lost to both Fiji and Germany. Honduras goes home, to lick their wounds with Mexico and Panama.

This leaves us with the States to cheer on. The are 2-1 in the group stage but were badly beaten by the nation being bullied by Russia, Ukraine. I am a fan of Ukraine, the nation that co-hosted the last Euro Championship with Poland. I am not hear to talk about Ukraine, I want to talk about USA's potential to advance past Colombia in the knockout round.

The USA will rely on their talented number 9 FW Rubio Rubin, who is 19. Rubin plays for the Dutch side Netherlands Utrecht. Rubin will only make an impact if the MF players can get co hesive. Thye have not been able to do this in the CONCACAF Championship and have only showed possession against the weakest team so far.
 The midfield duo if captain Emerson Hyndman (Fulham) and fellow Premership player Gedion Zelalem (Arsenal) will have to establish a rhythm and be able to hold onto the ball. They will be key for calm the USA down and gain confidence.

The defense will be shored up with the ultra tall Matthew Miaga who is very imposing at 6 feet 4 inches. This NY Red Bull player will be looked to if the defense gets tested.

Matt Miazga.jpg
Matthew Miaga with Red Bull uniform
The GK is solid with 20 year old Zack Steffen (SC  Freiburg-Germany). Hopefull they can carry the CONCACAF flag here...wesnesday.


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