Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 Questions to ponder?

Ok I have a question for you all.

What happened in Sealttle in the Gold Cup with Attendance. Slightly over 15,000 showed up for the Gold Cup double header. Seattle even had the USA in their group. The Sounders are the lead attendance team in MLs at slightly over 30,000 per game. CONCACAF officials thought they were going to hit a homerun with attendance in Seattle. They even schelued the game on the birthday of America July 4th for added effect. Well Seattle was the flob of Group B.

This leads me to the MLS expansion topic. Many people claim that if you build a SSS stadium then people will pack the stadium. The stadium is what makes for a great atmosphere thus makes it a great destination. They compare it to MLB Fenway Park and Camden yards. They also can now add in Crew Stadium and HDC that both have good attendance because of the stadium. I think this thinking is rubbish.
I saw look at Pizza Hut Park. This is a sss and Dallas has had the lowest attendance almost every year in MLS. You are going to tell an investor to invest Millions and claim "build it and they will come" ...I guess that is why you are not a millionier and they are. Seattle doen not have a SSS and they are the lead attendance team in MLS.

So why gives.

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Anonymous said...

What happened in Seattle is?
1. The match up between USA and Grenada ...give me a break. How about U:SA vs Argentina...then you can pack the house.
2. Again it was 4th of July a vacation weekend.

I have to agree with you on Dallas FC point. No one wants to see the hoops play and I do not know why!