Thursday, February 18, 2010

Digicel Caribbean Championship

Who will host the Digicel Caribbean Championship?

Barbados is celebrating 100 years of soccer and they are announcing they want to host the final. Haiti apparently was given the hosting right before the earthquake but now are not capable of hosting the Championship. Jamaica just hosted and you can never count out T&T with Warner influence.
This Championship is more important than the last. The top 4 team will make the Gold Cup 2011. Gold Cup 2001 Champion will represent CONCACAF in Brazil for the confederation Championship. All CONCACAF teams will be bringing there top team for Gold Cup 2011.

"Jones said the BFA had made a bid to host the finals of the Digicel Caribbean Championship, but since the format for the number of teams in the final round was still to be determined, the association was still awaiting confirmation of whether Barbados would be the host country.
"Until that is decided, we won't be able to state emphatically if we have been successful. We know that it is a costly exercise, but we are hoping that based on resources provided and resources generated through gates and things of this ilk, that we would be able to host that tournament," he added.
During the year, Jones said there would be paraphernalia such as ties, hats, tees and polo shirts, pins, and pens on sale. (

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