Friday, April 9, 2010

Puerto Rico Sevilla FC

Looks liek Puerto Rico is getting a new stadium for the team Selilla FC.
Here is Sevilla post on matter
Coinciding with the taking of the official team photo will take an act of inauguration of the administrative offices, "Juncos SevillaFCPR.
Alfredo Alejandro. Yesterday also held a meeting in the restaurant's Fork Juncos, attended by the Mayor. The same was confirmed on August, to begin the stadium project. The chosen sites that already have parking and lighting, are at the foot of the mountains of El Yunque, an area of great natural beauty and access from the highway.
This has raised the possibility of exploiting the project, with the construction of low malls, cinemas and restaurants that allow self-finance it. Furthermore, the construction of a hotel nearby, invite enable MLS and USL teams to make their pre-season here.
The last thing that was discussed is the incorporation of SevillaFCPR-Juncos in the second division. This issue will be brought up for discussion next Saturday. Since the BA. Conaway has initiated proceedings in the State Department for our new Sevilla Atletico. . The team consists of players under-20 and the less common of the first team to play assigned for more minutes.

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