Sunday, January 9, 2011

Panama getting ready to host Cup

Panama countdown to the American Cup began on Sunday, January 2.

The countdown to the national team coached by Julio Dely Valdes to the American Cup which starts on 14 January at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, began on Sunday, January 2 with the first practice of 2011 at the Sports City.

The morning practice was attended by 26 players, began in the gymnasium of Ceara, where the players did an excellent job. Then, the training moved to the training pitch Ernesto 'Cascarita' Tapia, where he first became a regenerative work of 15 minutes of jogging under the supervision of trainer.

After ompleting this part of the training, the players went to perform “the balloon” coached by Julio Dely Valdes, specifically in small spaces. For its part, goalkeepers Jaime Penedo, Kevin Melgar and Eric Hughes performed the reaction centers to the area and going out with hands and feet under the supervision of Donaldo Gonzalez and Gaspar Pérez.

The other players who attended the practice were Gabriel Torres, Armando Cooper, Mark Sanchez, Robert Brown, Eduardo Dasent, Leonel Parrish, Luis Renteria, Juan Perez, Adolfo Machado, Eybir Bonagas, Eric Davis, Harold Cummings, Anibal Godoy, Ricardo Buitrago Edwin Aguilar, Victor Herrera, Jean Carlos Cedeño, Alejandro Velez, Román Torres, Martín Gómez, Aramis Haywood, Gabriel Gomez and Amilcar Henríquez.

Cooper was the only player who did not participate in the movements with ball caution when presenting mild discomfort in his right knee.

Panama will have a big advantage of not traveling and playing in front of their home crowd. They will be entering the tournament very confident. They reached the final in El Salvador (2007) and lost in a shoot out to Costa Rica. They next tournament (2009) they again reached the Final and finally won again their new Arch rival Costa Rica. This years tournament they will be showing off their newly refurbished national Stadium. The Panama fans will expect their team to reach the final again playing at home. Anthing less will be a disappointment to the fanes.

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Lorric said...

Apologies, as I said I would comment on your stuff. Since no one else is.

The turn of the year seems to have messed with my favourites link. I was stuck in 2010, I couldn't understand why you weren't producing articles on the Central American Cup. Finally today, with it over, I scrolled down and saw 2011 was alive and clicked on it.

I'm sure you'll do some sort of review-thing on the tournament, this is the second time I've watched the Central American Cup. Though I had an internet failure in the middle of the final and missed Honduras' 2nd goal, argh!

I'll comment on your review when it comes.