Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Only post about Monserrat

Monserrat national team picture
    This poor team does not even know how to take a picture. Here they are getting ready to play Belize. The game was played in Trinidad and Tobago. The stadium was Ato Boldon Stadium. As you can tell there were no fans at this game. Belize did beat them 5-2...however it could be this pathetic group that advances if Belize remains suspended by Fifa.....this could get interesting.


Lorric said...

Hey, be nice :)

If you haven't seen it, go to siberio55's youtube page, and watch The Other Final.

Still though, as it stands, Belize certainly deserve to advance, and I'm sure Montserrat will get absolutely slaughtered if they advance.

Big MG said...

This was a picture from training. Thus, no fans.

Anonymous said...

whosoevr think they are pathetic but im sure your not fetured in the photo. they may be weak but they are resilience. they are a trying team who has suffered loss of playing fields destroyed by a vocano.