Monday, October 31, 2011

Round 2 November games

Round 2 We can look at the 6 groups this way. 2 groups are already settled.2 groups are almost wrapped up and 2 groups are up for grabs.

Alreadey settled
Well we know Group C was also win by Panama, Group E is also settles with Guatemala going through. There 2 groups that just have to be played outr are Group A and Group D.

Almost Wrapped up
Group A
 has El Salvador just needing a tie against a home/away series with Suriname to win the group and advance. Suriname needs 2 wins to advance which is just to much for them. I see El Salvador winning and moving on. Group D
Canada Canada plays in a home/away against St Kitts. Canada only needs a tie to advance. St Kitts not only need to win each game but also have to score 12 goals and shut out Canada to advance. Canada’s womans national team could get this job done. Canada advances.

Groups up for grabs
Group B
Trinidad and Tobago is in a dog fight with Guyana with Guyana holding the advantage. Guyana has 10 points and T&T 9. There is a home/away series between these 2 national teams. The first game will be played in Guyana then back to Port of Spain, T&T Nov 15th. Guyana could wrap this up with a victory at home.
Group F
A&B lead this group with 12 points to 10 points for Haiti. Haiti ties Curacao. The first game is in A&B then they travel back to Haiti Nov 15th. A&B will advance with a win in either Home/away games. A&B could even tie and lose to Haiti and still advance with superior Goal differential. A&B have 6 more goals than Haiti. So Haiti can advance with 2 wins or a tie and a win by more than 6 goals….which is asking way to much. All eyes will be looking at group B & F

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Lorric said...

The gap between Canada and St. Kitts is only 4pts. 2 wins for St. Kitts will do it.

The gap between A+B and Haiti is only 2pts. A win and a tie for Haiti would put them one point in front. No need for any of these GD scenarios you cooked up.

Splash some water on your face. Wake up! :)