Friday, December 23, 2011

CONCACAF v Asia Football Confederation AFC

          How about a new tournament! I love the Gold Cup but the competition with in CONCACAF is lacking. The USA and Mexico always seem to make the final. The USA plays on the home fields which gives them a huge boost. Mexico has almost 3 times the number of fans in the states than any other country. This support gives Mexico a really boost. I think the USA and Mexico need another tournament to compete in besides the Gold Cup. The World Cup action is great but it is only every 4 years. The Gold Cup needs a change. Looking back the USA hosted the 7 US Cups. These Cups had 4 very competitive teams. This tournament brought in famous European National teams like Italy, England, Germany and Brazil. I think it is time to bring these famous national back to the states. Since the FIFA is such a corrupt organization the USA will not be hosting in 2014, 2018 nor 2022. We can not let FIFA be in charge of the future of soccer in the states.

Here is my idea to create an exciting tournament in the states. I think the Gold Cup should be every 4 years. So the year after the Gold Cup or 2 years ofter the Gold Cup the states can host a tournament. I would like to see a 16 nation tournament. A tournament that will have 4 groups of 4 teams. This will put more emphasis on the group games. The top 2 teams can advance to the knockout round.

My first idea was to have a CONCACAF vs. Asian Football federation. The top 8 ranked nations from each group. The top seed and bottom seed from each group would play the

How about CONCACAF vs. Asia Football Confederation AFC? I was thinking of that the top seed of each CONFEDERATION would be paired with the lowest and they would play the 4th and 5th from the other Federation. Here is what the groups could look like.

Group A     Mexico, Iran, China, Canada

Group B    Australia, Honduras, Jamaica, Iraq

Group C    Japan, Panama, Costa Rica, Jordan

Group D    USA, Korean Republic, Uzbekistan, El Salvador

I think a tournament like this would create more interest than the other Gold Cup. You know the Gold Cup, that the yanks send their B team to. The Gold Cup that does not qualify the winner to the Confederations Cup. In four year stime CONCACAF could schedule the top 8 African nations. OR even a combination of European of Confederations. Since there will not be a World Cup US soccer has to do something to create interest. I mean big interest. Something to look forward to......What do you think?

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