Thursday, January 15, 2015

WCQ 2018 Russia predictions of round 1 and round 2

2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONCACAF)

The draw was here is my quick predictions before my research starts

Match 1
            Match 1           Bermuda was in a difficult group for the 2014 WCQ with winner Guyana 13 pts, T&T 12 pts and Barbados 0 pts. Bermuda was tied by Guyana in the 81 minute to push Guyana to the next round. I see Bermuda again playing on in the next round. Bahamas with over 300,000 in population is still considered a minnow because of their lack of quality play. Their last game was in 2011. The Federation dropped out of WCQ last time around with lack of funds. Bahamas just isn’t supported.

Match 2           Dominica over British Virgin Islands big. The British Virgin Islands lost to the US Virgins in last cycle. British Virgins suck…no pun intended. Dominica big.

            Match 3           Barbados over US Virgin Islands. Barbados is not an awful club just a bad one. They kept it tight against Guyana, T&T and Bermuda last cycle but did not win a game. US Virgin is awful.

Match 4          This is the battle of the multiple islands. Turks and something agaisn St. Kitts and some other is CONCACAF. Turks did not get past Bahamas in the last cycle losing 10-0 aggregate. St Kitts will advance. 

Match 5           Nicaragua is glad they have to play in round 1….just to warm up. They should slaughter Anguilla and be ready for next round. 

Match 6           Cayman are not that bad but not as good as Belize. Belize has international experience in the Gold Cup 2013. Belize wins here

 Match 7          Monserrat lost 3-8 to Belize in the last WCQ cycle. Curacao is about as good as Belize was. I see the same result.

Round 2

1)  Canada will beat Dominica

2) Guatemala no one wanted. They are tremendous at home and will not allow a Caribbean nation to beat them there. Bermuda is the second best nation coming out of the 1st round and they journey to Russia will end in Guatemala City.

3) El Salvador will beat Saint Kitts and Nevis and this should be the biggest lopsided Match in the Second round. El Salvador will be getting ready for the next round.

4) Cuba will be tested against Curaco but will get by.

5) Dominican Rep will play Belize and I see this Caribbean nation advancing past a Central American nation. Dominican Republic are small, fast and determined....they however lack technical skills, Remember this is/was a baseball playing nation....

6)Aruba gets a lucky by drawing Barbados but we could see an upset or a correction in the rankings

7) Nicaragua unfortunately has to play the South American nation of Suriname. Suriname. I have been hoping Nicaragua will finally catch up to their Central American neighbors and advance. They however got a very tough draw in Suriname. Suriname (South America) are talented and tactically sound....This will be the best Round 2 series.

8)Antigua and Barbuda will face off against a tough Saint Lucia. Two small members

9)Guyana should beat Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

10) Puerto Rico fans got a very difficult draw against Grenada. This is a game I hope the better team wins and on paper Puerto Rico will get their international players and advance.

The biggest problem I have is Round 2 and round 3 is it only has home and away. I think that these nations and their fans need more games like the 2014 qualification. Nations like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba could only have 2 games to promote the sport for the 2018 World Cup qualification. This will be very unfortunate for all the fans and an opportunity missed.

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