Saturday, March 14, 2015

CONCACAF U-17 Championship review

                The CONCACAF Final will be moved to Morazan. The Final will be host Honduras vs CONCACAF Titans Mexico. Morazan was chosen by officials " the interest of facilitating access for the legions of fans, who have flocked to that downtown stadium to this point." IT seems like this stadium will be near capacity will Honduras fans. This stadium holds about 26,000 and it came close to capacity against the USA. 

         The CONCACAF Championship in Honduras is progressing nicely, no one was murdered. The elite at the senior level mirror the success of the underage level. In Group A Honduras emerged to the top on the final on the last group match by beating regional rival Guatemala 2-1 and also have the USA lose to Jamaica 0-1.  This is great news for CONCACAF officials to have a large attendance with the host (Honduras) playing in it. Honduras will automatically qualify for the FIFA U-17 Championship Chile later this year.

   CONCACAF is awarded 4 spots in this competition. All World Cup bring great exposure to the game and promotes the sport in your country. Every nations wants to participate. The CONCACAF tournament will have the 2nd and 3rd place teams to be seeded into a playoff for the last 2 spots. The USA is the top seed and they will play Jamaica for one of the 2 spots. Jamaica is the only team to beat the USA and will be confident they can slay the giant again.

    The other Group had CONCACAF power Mexico again win their group and again will play in the Championship. Mexico has won 5 out of the 10 CONCACAF U-17 Championships. Honduras has never won this event. I for one would like to see the underdog Honduras beat the might Mexicans in Honduras. This would be their first Championship...

Canada surprised me with this youth age group. They placed 2nd and lost (just like the USA) on the last day by losing to Panama 0-1. Canada will play Costa Rica for the final World Cup spot. They already played each other and Canada won 3-2. This should be an epic game in Honduras. 

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