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CONCACAF second Round predictions fpr World Cup qualifying

CONCACAF Second Round  

Team 1Agg.Team 21st leg2nd leg
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Guyana10 Jun14 Jun
Antigua and Barbuda  Saint Lucia8 Jun16 Jun
Puerto Rico  Grenada12 Jun16 Jun
 Canada11 Jun16 Jun
Dominican Republic  Belize8 Jun16 Jun
Guatemala  Bermuda8 Jun16 Jun
Aruba  Barbados8 Jun16 Jun
Saint Kitts and Nevis  El Salvador8 Jun16 Jun
Curaçao  Cuba8 Jun14 Jun
Nicaragua  Suriname8 Jun16 Jun

Second round predictions---

------------------------------------Review 2014  qualification  -----------------

  1. Guyana from South America should handle Saint Vincent. Neither team is any good but I will give edge to Guyana
  2. I am picking Antigua and Barbuda since they went a tad better than Saint Lucia. Antigua and Barbuda also to beat Saint Lucia.in the Caribbean Cup. So I think they will beat them again.
  3. Puerto Rico has more professionals in other leagues. Grenada has qualified for 2 Gold Cups but I think it's Puerto Rico's time. 
  4. Canada big over Dominica. Dominica was placed in the second round of 2014 WCQ against Panama, Nicaragua and Bahamas. The Bahamas withdrew so i am just looking at the other teams. Dominica lost all four games, They didn't even score a goal. I believe Panama and Canada are about equal talent. Dominica lost 0-5 at home and 0-3 away in Panama-again this was 2014 wcq. Nicaragua even beat Dominica... Canada has been mixing and matching players trying to find the right blend.  Look for Julian de Guzman at 34 and Kyle Bekker (FC Dallas)to control the middle. They will feed Simeon Jackson and Tosaint Ricketts when the going get tough. Canada has recently tie Iceland (Orlando), beat Guatemala (Fort Lauderdale) and beat Panama 3-0 in Panama. Like I said Canada big. 
  5. I am picking a Caribbean nation Dominican Republic over a Central American nation. Belize did not impress in the first round playing lowly Cayman Islands. They tied the Islands in both games 0-0 and 1-1 away. They only advanced since they scored an away goal. The Dom Rep has not impressed in the Caribbean Cup either.  They were in a tough group of Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent & Gred, and Anguilla. They only beat Anguilla but they scored 10 goals in that single game. the second round of the Caribbean Cup they were grouped with T&T (host), A&B (again) and Saint Lucia. This is where the Dominican Republic quest ended. I believe the Dominican Republic just has a little more than Belize. The DR just kicked off a professional soccer league in 2015. The sport is at an all time high on the island of Hispanolia. 
  6. Bermuda impressed in the first round winning 8-0 aggregate. They have a beautiful island with a beautiful stadium. Bermuda did not participate in the 2014 Caribbean Cup so it is hard to judge them. I think they have a good tactical team. Unfortunately for them they regional power Guatemala. Guatemala fans, players and expectations are just to much for Bermuda to overcome. 
  7. Aruba vs Barbados.....who cares...I'll pick Barbados since they had some success in the past. Aruba was edged out by a really good French Guiana team in the 2014 Caribbean Cup. Barbados got by both Suriname and Bonaire in the First round. So i'll pick Barbados. 
  8. Saint Kitts also had a dominant first round scoring the most goals of any nation with 12 in 2 games. They did however concede 4. El Salvador is much better both offensively and defensively than Turks and Cacos Islands. We can bid Saint Kitts bid adieu here. El Salvador wins easily.
  9. Cuba over Netherlands Antilles....no wait they changed their name to Curacao. Cuba will have the talent and the power to overcome this Dutch Island. Cuba advances.
  10. Nicaragua vs. Suriname. This is quite an even match between a up and coming Central American nation and an up and coming South American nation of Suriname. Nicaragua have been toiling at the bottom of Central American stature for ever.They are changing from a baseball playing nation to a soccer nation. They have made some good strides. Last World Cup cycle they grouped with Panama, Dominica and Bahamas. The Bahamas dropped out because of lack of money. Nicaragua would have won 4 games for the first time in World Cup qualification.      Suriname 2 wins, 1 tie and 3 loses. This last Caribbean Cup 2015 Suriname did not do well went getting a loss and 2 ties against the like of Bonair, Barbados and Martinique. They are lacking scoring. I see Nicaragua advancing. 

The 10 winners will play the same home and away and be joined by  Jamaica and Haiti in the Third Round. My shoe ins are Canada, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Third round

The draw for the third round will be held on 25 July 2015, at the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna, Saint Petersburg, Russia.[3]
Teams entering this round:

There will be 12 teams and the 6 winners will advance to join Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, USA, Honduras and surprise surprise Trinidad and Tobago. 

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