Wednesday, July 1, 2015

USA dispatch Germany in soccer---take it east--it was the women

       The soccer world is not without it's excitement, Blatter resigns, claims he didn't .....Will the corruption ever end.

  Brazil was knocked out of the Copa America in the quarter finals. Now  Brazil knows how Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia feel. Messi is awesome, not flamboyant, just goooooooooood. I am hoping Chile can win their first Copa America on home soil, and if they do, not because the ref gave them a call.

The only CONCACAF team remaining in the 'World Cup is the USA. It looks like Mexico womens were put in a very difficult group with # 3 ranked France, #6 ranked England (who are still playing tonight) and upstart Colombia, who gave the USA a devil of a time in the opening knockout round.
    Costa Rica only lost one game 0-1 to Brazil, so hat off to them ladies.
     Canada women did well and lost 2-1 to England who scored 2 goals early and hung on. The Canada women believed they could win the World Cup and you could see the disappointment in their faces. I like their attitude and their young coach who preached to them. My yanks totally dominated the Germans......they starting to feel confident and have a dominating defense.

The Gold Cup is only a week away.....and I have to go on vacation,,,,,

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