Sunday, September 6, 2015

CONCACAF 3rd round comments

Well the biggest story and surprise is 139th ranked Nicaragua over 52nd ranked Jamaica. As you remember Jamaica had a tremendous Gold Cup. Jamaica won their group in the Gold Cup for the first time. The group consisted of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Canada. Jamaica then went on and beat Haiti and the USA in the semi finals before losing to Mexico in the final. Jamaica has also won the last Caribbean Cup and is one of the dominant forces in the Caribbean. This was a huge stepping stone for Nicaragua and their rapid improvement over the last 6 years in the sport. It would be a shame not to see Jamaica onto the next round however this would do wonders to help Nicaragua assert itself in the sport.

Then what happened to Guatemala in Antigua and Barbuda. Guatemala lost 0-1 to this tiny Caribbean nation. This however can not be viewed as a shock. A&B have been playing extremely well and have a well discipline team. IT is very difficult to win in Guatemala just ask the Yanks. Guatemala will be going full force Sept 8th ---they key will be to hang on early and try to frustrate Guatemala. This will be the second most interesting result after Jamaica -Nicaragua.

 as a team. I am a big fan of Canada since I believe they have great potential. They easily beat Belize 3-0 however only 10,000 fans showed to support team Canada in this critical qualifier. I remember 50k showed to see  Montreal play in the Champions league in Montreal a few years back. Where is the support for team Canada. Lets see Canada win in Central America after their devastating 1-8 massacre in San Paulo in 2012. Woops---was I not suppose to bring up the daemons.

El Salvador won 1-0 ugly over Curacao. I was disappointed in El Salvador players flopping all over the field like fish out of water. But what I like about El Salvador is the skill they have with the ball. I guess its the bad with the good. Curacao looked big athletic and confident....

Haiti beat Grenada 1-0

Saint Vincents and the Grenadines beat Aruba 2-0. St Vinny use to be known as the giant killers. Well Aruba are not giants but St Vinny just might make the final 12 in CONCACAF. Their arch rivals are Antigua and Barbuda....would it be interesting if both St Vinny meat A&B in the final 6 group. This would really ratchet up the rivalry....

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