Thursday, February 9, 2017

Central American Cup 2017 Panama Final

    Well Surprise surprise, the tournament was not won by the dominant.nation of Costa Rica, nor was it won by the up and coming, Panama. This tournament was won by Honduras -- 

this makes Honduras the 2nd most successful nation in this regional tournament. This championship give Honduras 4 titles. The last time they won thye also played in Panama. 

Let it be notes that Nicaragua has made great strides to remain competitive in this tournament. They use to get blown out. 

Panama hosted the event and nothing short of a championship would be a disappointment. They did finish above rival Costa Rica.

Belize has also made great strides in staying competitive. They are the worst team in the Centates.ral America but have come a long way.

Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Costa Rica will represent the region in the Gold Cup 2017 in the st

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