Monday, January 26, 2009

Costa Rica cruises

Group A Group B
Honduras 2-0-0 Costa Rica 2-0-0
El Salvador 1-1-0 Guatemala 0-0-1
Nicaragua 0-1-1 Panama 0-0-1
Belize 0-0-2

Costa Rica went unbeaten in their semi-final World Cup qualifing going 6-0 against El salvador, Suriname and Haiti. They were then placed in the UNCAF nations cup with Panama and guatemala. Well they scored 3-0 pasting of Panama, then posted a 3-1 loss on Guatemala to remain undefeated in Group B. They are in the knockout round of the UNCAF nations cup 2009. the wins also placed them int CONCACAF's Gold Cup 2009. Guatemala will play Panama for a spot in the knockout round. The loser will have to play the 3rd place finisher of Group A.
Group A has host Honduras with 2 win and a ticket to the knockout round and a ticket to the Gold Cup 2009. This will be their 9th appearance in the Gold Cup. The most interesting games are yet to be played. Honduras has El Salvador while Nicaragua plays Belize. Nicaragua has been the surprise team so far. they tied El Salvador in the opening game. If Nicaragua beats Belize which look likely and host Honduras beats El Salvador Nicaragua will qualify for the Gold cup autamatically. Honduras is already through so El Salvador will give everything they have while Honduras can sit back. Whoever wins will have to go up against regional power Costa Rica in the knockout round.

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