Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Invite Denmark to join CONCACAF

Denmark .....

CONCACAF is in a dearth need of quality national teams. Mexico has been the standard bearer for years. The USA seems to come of age when they were grated to host the 1994 World Cup in 1989. Costa Rica has pouched above it’s weight for years, qualifying for the last 3 World Cups. The quality of teams really seems to drop after these 3. Canada, Honduras and Jamaica have come up with good teams but nothing consistent.
CONCACAF is broken up into 3 regions. North America Zone (the 3 Big ones), Central America (7 nations), and the Caribbean Regions (40 members). This always seems unbalanced because the top teams are in the smallest region.
The UNCAF play a regional tournament, the UNCAF Nations Cup and the Caribbean has the Caribbean Cup every 2 years. The N Am countries have no such tournament. I was just wishing that North America has another quality team. Maybe break the USA into 2 teams, California (33 million) and the USA. Maybe Mexico could break the Yucatan Peninsular off to create a quality team. These ideas would be pretty cool but to create another team….. but are just too far fetched.
I was thinking I wish a team had the quality of Mexico, USA and Canada to compete with them. Like a European team that could boost the image of CONCACAF. I referred to my North American map again and realized Greenland is a part of North America. Greenland is a part of Denmark. Why don’t CONCACAF invite Greenland or Denmark to join CONCACAF.
Every 2 years the 4 North American teams could play a round robin to declare a North American Zone Region Champion. This way each region could declare a Champion. Each of the North American Zone could also anchor a group in the newly expanded Gold Cup (16 teams). Each group would have a representative of the North American zone, a Central American zone and 2 Caribbean teams (almost).
Denmark or even Greenland would give CONCACAF a badly needed quality team to play year in and year out. It would also allow the Gold Cup to expand to 16 nations with out a drop in quality of play. Denmark would give CONCACAF nations more European exposure with a team from Europe. It would give Denmark an easier route to the World Cup. The top teams in CONCACAF need quality opponents to play in meaningful games and you just can not find them in COCACAF. This is a mock expanded Gold Cup (16 CONCACAF teams)

Group A Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico
Group B Canada, Honduras, T & T, Grenada
Group C Denmark, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti
Group D USA, Guatemala, El Salvador, Guadeloupe

Denmark might bite at the chance to qualify every 4 years in the much easier CONCACAF region compared to the UEFA. Yup I am crazy and have a little time on my hands today…….ahhhh I was just thinking…….take it easy.

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