Monday, July 13, 2009

Gold Cup Attendance 2009 down

Many writers have been telling me that the CONCACAF region has been expanding. The Gold Cup is the showpiece tournament for the Senior national teams. Just some stats to chew on. The group games in 2007 total was 285,478. The total group matches in 2009 are 221,020. That stat is down 64,000 spectators so far.
Is it because there are less international stars at this tournament?
Do you think changing the venues for every game help prevent a bigger slip in attendance?

Gold Cup 2007 Attendance
Group A
Canada, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Haiti
Game 1 Orange Bowl, Miami 17,420
Game 2 Orange Bowl, Miami 22,529
Game 3 Orange Bowl, Miami 15,892
Total Group A Att 55,841

Group B
USA, Guatemala, El Salvador, T &T
Game 1 Home Depot Center 21,344
Game 2 Home Depot Center 25,000
Game3 Gillette/Boston 26,523
Total Group B Att 72,867

Group C
Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Cuba
Game 1 NY/NJ Giants 20,230
Game 2 NY/NJ Giants 68,123
Game 3 Houston 68,417
Total G C Att 156,770

Total Group Att 285,478

Quarter Final Gillette G-1 22,412
Gillette G-2
Houston 70,092
Houston G-2
Semi-Final Chicago 50790
Chicago Game 2
Chicago 60000

Total Attendance 488,772
Average Att 37597.85

2009 Total attendance so far in group matches 221,020 which is a drop of 64,458 from 2007 figures


Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your Stats my friend?

James Lagrange said...

page 58 of the book if printed has the stats

Michael said...

It looks as though this link has since been deactivated. Would you be so kind as to post a link for the stats of the '07 and/or '09 Gold Cup? Thank you!