Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wow 2 upsets

I had Costa Rica as the favorite and Jamaica the Challenger....both lost. This is already shapping up into a very exciting group. Canada has now won 3 games in a row. The Canucks Cyprus, 1-0, on May 30, and Guatemala, 3-0, on June 30 and now they beat the Caribbean Champion and 5th ranked(CONCACAF ranking) Jamaica. Canada fans have to be a little encouraged with the progress of the youth performance here.
Jamaica seems to have the talent but just did not put it togather. They have to come out with an attitude in Columbus or it will be a long and quiet trip back to Kingston.

Here is Canada vs Jamaica highlights. Rickett made an outstanding save....maybe be save of tournament already what do you think? The stadium was not full at this were waiting for El Salvador game.

I wathced the first half of the Costa Rica El Salvador game. What I was impressed with were the fans that were packed into the Home Depot Center(27,000). Here is a quote from the LA Times "Fans piled into the stadium hours before the match, clogging the streets surrounding the Home Depot Center at least a mile behind."1
It has been over 10 years since El Salvador has beaten their regional nemesis. Finally Costa Rica has some challengers in Central America.
The stadium was over 80% wearing El Salvador Blue. The LA Times indicated that the first match was a sellout at 27,000. Phooie to those of you who that this would be the "worst Gold Cup ever"

Here is El Salvador vs Costa Rica highlights

Was that a fans at the end with a blue shirt getting handle by 8 guards?


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