Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Superdraft 2010

1 Philadelphia
2 New York
3 San Jose
4 Kansas City
5 Toronto FC
6 FC Dallas
7 D.C. United
8 Colorado
9 New England
10 Chivas USA
11 Seattle
12 Columbus
14 waiting for playoff results

What is frustrating about the sport is the lack of information out there. Soccer by Ives is good. He has a variety of topics.

However soccer is nothing compared to with the hoop and football recruit coverage. football has the top 100 at each position for High school kids entering college. That is about 1,000 football players who are ranked....and these are HIGH SCHOOL kids.

So here we are, with only 4 teams left in MLS. My team the Revolution, are knocked out. I want to know how they are going to improve their team. I want to know the top college players entering the MLS superdraft. I want to debate who they should draft. I want to talk about the REv weaknesses, strengths and who can improve the club. I can not find this info anywhere. The Superdraft is in January and it is already November. Generation Addidas only reveals the 2009 signee in January....the month of the draft.

Generation Addidas, formally Project-40, has less information about players that my crappy little blog. .
This web site is piss poor. MLS marketing arm has to take this over the marketing of the provide us soccer fans with INFORMATION. Yes I am yelling. I am frustrated with the lack of information. Does MLS want their league to fail....then start working you idiots. Provide us with information. Don Garber, do you need a kick in the shins to hear us. You are the marketing start marketing. ............

I want to know the top players that can improve my MLS team. I want the Superdraft to rival the NFL draft. I believe it could but MLS if DROPPING THE BALL!!!!!!

The best site I have found on players is this one.

I want to thank this site for the best info so far. If anyone out there has a better site...please shard. Ives if you are listening, please post some info on the Superdraft. Who the best MF is, who the top strikers are, and defensive start that could instantly improve an MLS site like Ike Opara, the ACC defensive player of the year in 2008 and 2009.

The ACC I believe has the best soccer conference. They have 9 teams and 6 of them are ranked in the top 25. here is a link to the the All Conference First team, second and All Freshman team.

Offensive Player of the Year Corben Bone, Wake Forest
Defensive Player of the Year Ike Opara, Wake Forest
Freshman of the Year Andrew Wenger, Duke

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