Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thierry Henry


Henry admits to Cheating
"I will be honest, it was a hand ball. But I'm not the ref," Henry said. "I played it. The ref allowed it. That's a question you should ask him."

First non call)

First off there were 2 French players off side on the play. Why did the ref miss that one on this important play...the Refs let it go...Why? Do they have some financial stake in the game. Are they influenced by the big superstars of the French team? Were they told not to call anything close against the French at home? If not why was this play allowed?

Second )

Henry used his hand to control the ball so it does not go off side.

Third) Henry directs the ball....this was not an accident. The ball clearly changes direction.

Now I have a team to root against in the World Cup. The French do not deserve to go to the World Cup. They cheated to go there. This is a black mark for Henry and the entire National French team. I will look at them as cheaters who do not deserve to be in the World Cup.

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