Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup review

World Cup Review

Now that the States and Mexico have exited the World Cup I want to take my little cynical look at it.

• Still upset Ireland was robbed of a bad call not to make it in.
• Glad France and Italy got bounced in the Group phase
• The bad call’s 2 goals against the yanks that were disallowed, Kaka’s ejection and now England’s disallowed goal. What a fuckin joke. S Blatter thinks this promotes the sport because people talk about it. Fuck that and Fuck him. MLS should institute the replay since we have it in most of our big time sports
• Get rid of the damb horns. They infringe on someone’s else’s good time to sing, cheer and enjoy the game. Why can’t people bring in bull horns to drown the vuvuzells out. Band the damb horn.
• Since I believe Brazil will win in 2014 I want someone else to win.
• I thought the USA does not have the skill on the ball compared to the other teams in their group. They were outclassed in every game. However the US is good at attacking and scoring… I’ll take it.
• Mexico-glad they advanced however they got robbed on an offside’s goal that changed their game. Fuck S Blatter and his ignorance. Let the game be decided between the lines NOT the ref.

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