Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Biriche Sportrs Complex in Honduras

This is a pic of a new stadium proposal in Honduras. This is to relieve the many games played at Morazon. The club team (Real C.D Espana) play in Estadio Fransisco Morazan did not want so many games on their field. The Stadium will be located in San Pedro Sula.

"It is an ambitious project by members of the Commission's project will become reality.
The authorities of the Autonomous National Soccer Federation, currently being investigated intensively for the redevelopment of the stadium the "Birichiche" ranging from new structures, bleachers, artificial lighting and synthetic turf installation.

It is an ambitious project desired by the capital city today thanks to the members that make up the Projects Committee will become a reality, together with Pro Sports Facilities Commission through the Seed of the Future Project.

The road construction and remodeling has begun making plans for, with the main idea and certainly is the view of the Executive Committee provide football activities in Francisco Morazán, who is currently in a high load of games in all categories.

The project itself consists of a construction area of about 11.932 m2, which will get the benefit of a court with the minimum measures 105 x 64 meters with a capacity for 3,500 fans.

The range on Birichiche Sports Complex is a distributed and based on the requirements needed for different sporting events from fans including minor leagues to national team tournaments worldwide.

The main factor which took into account the mobility and security in the best way to solve access, evacuation, internal circulation and public services.

Overall Birichiche Stadium meets the needs most important to have in soccer central, so the next step is the swap will be completed as initially mentioned Seed Project resources of the future and the Football Federation , reaching a figure of about 8 million Lempiras .

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