Saturday, September 4, 2010

32,000 at Estadio Rommel, Panama City

Panama played it's Arch-rival to a 2-2 tie in Panama City. This was a good result for Panama to tie the perenial power in the region. What was more important was the turn out of over 32,000 for the game. Cnn reported this attendance figure which is huge.

Rommel Stadium in Panama City is hosting the Central American Cup in January 2011. Panama could break all records for attendance in the UNCAF Cup aka Central American Cup next year if the supporters again show for this event.

Panama has been on an upward trojectory since they busted onto the seen in 2005 Gold Cup.

Guatemala hosted in 2005 and did not reach theFinal so attendance was sparse. El Salvador hosted in 2007 and attendance was better at Cuscatalan Stadium. However they did not reach the final. 2009 Honduras had over 20,000 spectators when they played in Tegulsigalpa but they were knocked out and attendance dropped to only a few hundred each game. Central American nations prove that they are only interested when their nation is playing. Central American do not travel to watch their team play other nations.
Panama could be the first host to reach the final since Costa Rica did it in 1999 when they won the event. Panama could set the attendance record (not recorded) since over 30,000 showed for this friendly. The fans were hanging on the fence celebrating goals against Costa Rica. Fans will turn out for their national team if they play well and Panama is playing well right now.

Panama beat Venezuela 2-1 in South America them beat them again 3-1 in Estadio Rommel this year. This latest tie bodes well for a record setting Central American Cup in January 2011.

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