Sunday, February 27, 2011

CONCACAF gives Jamaica passing grade

"Don't worry be happy" and "No problem man"

Zubiria declared that he could see Jamaica hosting future CONCACAF tournaments as the country has exhibited its resourcefulness and ability to organise.

"It's the first time we were organising aun event like this here, and I am sure it won't be the last time because of what we have seen... I think it's just a matter of time before Jamaica is awarded another tournament," he noted.

This CONCACAF youth tournament is a big step in the right direction to promote soccer. Jamaica put on a very good show. It was the first time 12 teams entered a youth tournament. There were problems but the organization committee solved these big issues (Haiti issues and moving out of a venue to a new one, just days before kickoff.

TV exposure increased and this will help the local economy of Mentego Bay. Jamaica as a whole also got exposure.


Lorric said...

Ha. Jamaica's preparation for this tournament was a joke. Their top stadium they let a big Jazz festival take place in it just before the tournament which destroyed the pitch and they had to scramble around for a replacement stadium. And the pitches are an absolute joke. Players from the CONCACAF region aren't going to be able to learn to play proper football if they have to play on garbage surfaces like that.

domo said...

why r u being so harsh at least they tried,even though they were hick up's here and their,they were still able to pull it off.

Lorric said...

@ Domo

They didn't try hard enough. Jamaica should be scratched off the list of potential hosts of future tournaments for a very long time. They screwed up. Get to the back of the queue.

I'm sure Qatar will be able to "pull off" the 2022 World Cup. But it's going to be the worst in history.

Lorric said...

@ Domo

Never mind the terrible treatment of the Haitian U17 team.