Saturday, February 26, 2011

CONCACAF U-17 -Jamaica

Since I love CONCACAF tournament I will have to give my 2 cents on this one. There are 12 teams participating and this is an increase from the previous tournaments. The 2009 tournament only had 8 nations participate. This is good that more CONCACAF nations can participate and develop their youth teams for tournaments.
The second good idea I like is the fact that a Champion will be crowned. Yup that’s right; the previous tournament only qualified the top teams in each group to go to the FIFA U-17 World Cup. There were no exciting knockout rounds games and no Champion could lift the trophy...What a shame that was. What was Warner and his pals thinking...Finally we will have an U-17 Champion to talk about.
Well this year’s tournament was awarded to Jamaica. I think it was awarded to a Caribbean nation since the USA always hosts the Gold Cup. The U-20 CONCACAF tournament is being hosted by a Central American Nation (2011) in Guatemala. So a Caribbean nation was a good pick. Jamaica has the facilities and it is a great destination to watch soccer in the winter.

About the tournament
Well since Mexico was not in the tournament every nation was shooting for the title. The USA has the resources to practice longer that most other countries. They are the country that every nation in CONCACAF loves to beat. Jamaica was the host nation so they have to be looked at. Costa Rica always turns out good national teams and always seems to make the final 4. Panama has been on an upward ride on both the national and young program. Honduras is always dangerous along with T&T.
Well Jamaica, USA, Canada and Panama all qualified as the best 4 from CONCACAF. They will all be participating the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Mexico. The USA will play Canada in the final in Jamaica. Finally a Champion will be crowned. The …se 4 nations are thrilled sice the World Cup is at a CONCACAF nation….Mexico. Hopefully one of these U-17 CONCACAF nation will win a World Cup for us(CONCACAF fans_)