Sunday, November 27, 2011

MLS soccer is growing

Portland Timbers fans had an average of 18,827 in their first year of MLS play. This stadium is not new but refurbished in the middle of downtown Portland. It is a great location with great fans.
This is a well written article about the growth of MLS attendance. The article states that MLS has over taken the hockey NHL and basketball NBA in the states. Well stats do not lie but these stats are a little skewed. Looking at wikipedia attendance we can see that Seattle and LA have averages of 38,496 and 23,335 raise the average of the league. There are 11 out of 18 clubs below the average. My lowely New England Revolution are a pathetic 13,222....well below the MLS, NBA and NHL average.
    That being said I have to say the MLS is still growing. The soccer specific stadiums are important but it is also important where the stadium is built. Chicago, Columbus, RSL have new sss but do not sell out. Seattle play in a American football stadium and have the best attendance. It seems to be more important where the stadium is built as opposed to a new soccer specific stadium.

Ok enought will being a pessamist. MLS has 184 international players. Many from out CONCACAF countries. MLS is a nice goals for many players in our region.

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