Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where is the Central American Cup 2013 be played?

        Central America has been quite good about hosting the Central American Cup. 5 out of the 7 countries have hosted multiple times. Honduras has hosted 3 times which is the most. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador have each hosted twice. Belize and Nicaragua have never hosted. Belize and Nicaragua never hosted sine there was not much interest, their national teams stunk and they did not have adequate facilities. Presently Belize and Nicaragua field a competitive team. I do not believe they could make a serious run at the final even if they hosted.

           The question is where will this tournament be hosted. I believe it will be between Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize. The last Central American Cup was played in the same year as the Gold Cup 2011. I believe the tournament will agains be played in January of 2013 this time. This is a good time for this region to play. It will get their prospective teams together right before the important Gold Cup.

Costa Rica has the newest and nicest stadium in Central America.
Costa has not hosted in over 13 years. they are due to host!

      Costa Rica would love to host this regional event. The have not won this event since 1999. They have great fans, they have one of the top teams in the CONCACAF region and they presently have a new national stadium that is the gem of Central American stadiums. This stadium is the show peice in Central America for football and it would be the show piece for this tournamnet. Costa Rica is ready and capable to host the best CA tournament to date. Costa Rica has been in the Championship game 10 of the 11 tournaments. this just shows how consistently good this national team has been.

Could Nicaragua host the Central American Cup for the First time.
Will they have seats for the fans?

        Nicaragua also has a new national stadium in Managua. They did have a good turn out for one of their World Cup qualifiers. Over 10,000 turned out for Panama's game. Only 2,000 turned out for Dominica game. Nicaragua  is not as good as the other nations. If Nicaragua loses it's first few games and des not even make the knockout rounds, there may be no one in the stadium. This is the big problem hosting in Nicaragua. The nationsl stadium is new however it is not that nice of a stadium. All other CA countried have nicver stadiums than Nicaragua.

Belize has never hosted the tournament and are due to host. Belize is the same boat as Nicaragua with less of a chance. There is less of a population, there is less interest in Belize, the infra structure is not as good and  Belize has a smaller stadium. couple all that with Belize is probably the worst team in Central America.
You guess is as good as mind but these are my 3 leaders..

2013     -----------
2011       Panama
2009       Honduras
2007       El Salvador
2005       Guatemala
2003       Panama
2001       Honduras
1999       Costa Rica
1997       Guatemala
1995       El Salvador
1993       Honduras
1991       Costa Rica

 *corection on year 2013 not 20112 update 11-25-2011


Anonymous said...

The next cup is in 2013 not 2012. Its held every 2 years not every year and the last one was 2011

Lorric said...

I hope it's Nicaragua.