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Martinique Preview for Gold Cup.

Martinique Preview



Population 503,000

Previous Appearances 1993, 2000,2003

Best result 2002

Arch Rival/Rival Guadeloupe

Coach Patrick Cavelan

Top scorer Kevin Parsemain (22)

Uniform Blue-White

Martinique is a beautiful little Caribbean island in the Caribbean Sea. They are a French territory (overseas department) just like Guadeloupe. They have a big population of a ½ Million compared to most other small Caribbean Islands. Most Martiniquais have a mixed ancestors of French settlers in the 17 Century and Slave Africans brought over from Africa to work on plantations. Since this is a French territory this island is not poor like other Caribbean nations.

Martinique does have a good domestic football league that was established 1919. The Martinique Championnat National has a whopping 14 clubs competing in the top league. They even have regulation to a second tier league. We never get to see these clubs teams play since they are restricted my CONCACAF to participate in the CONCACAF Championship Club or the CFU Club Championship. My belief is that the clubs would beat most other Caribbean clubs because they have resources (French backing) that the smaller and poorer Caribbean nations do not.

The national Team

Kevin Parsemain scored 6 goals against British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean cup 2012
 Most of the Martinique teams come from players playing in the Martinique National League. Their top scorer is Kevin Paremain who plays for Riviere-Pilote. Paremain scored 11 goals in the qualification round (6 against British Virgin Islands) and 2 more in the Final round. He lead all scores with 13 goals in the Caribbean Cup. Paremain will get a lot of looks from MLS teams and possibly French teams in the Gold Cup 2013 tournament.


Martinique is making their 4th appearance. That’s right, 4th time playing against the big boys. Martinique is a little French island had qualified from the Caribbean in 1993, 2002 and 2003. Their arch rival is the other French overseas region of Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe had also qualified for 3 previous Gold Cups. Bragging rights were at stake. Guadeloupe was about surpass Martinique on the international stage. Martinique had to put a stop to this, they want to be known as the superior French Island in football. The 2012 Caribbean Cup was difficult for Martinique. They were however playing at home. Their group consisted of perennial heavy weight and previous Caribbean Champion Jamaica, current Champion and other heavy weight Cuba and French Guian. Well Martinique came in 1st place in this group to make the final round. This group knocked the powerful Jamaice nation team out and they were again the favorites to repeat at Caribban Champions. Between them they will have qualified for 7 out of the 11 tournaments including the 2013 Cup. Then there was the drought when their arch rival Guadeloupe stated qualifying for the Gold Cup. Both are small French Islands in the Caribbean who both have about the same size population. (498,305 –Martinique and 503,000.

Martinique’s best result was the 2002 Cup when they make the knockout rounds.

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