Saturday, January 19, 2013

Poor attendce inthe Copa Central American Cup - Costa Rica

Copa Central America 2013 Well Copa Central America is under a piss poor start with attendance. Costa Rica opener only had 5,484 in attendance. This is almost ¼ the attendance both Panama and Honduras set in 2009 and 2011. Costa Rica is also playing in the new National Stadium. This national stadium is located in San Jose and was recently built by the Chinese government. Year Host Attendance 2003 Panama -no record 2005 Guatemala -no record_ 2007 El Salvador -no record 2009 Honduras 20,000 2011 Panama 20,000 2013 Costa Rica 5,484 Costa Rica has not hosted this little tournament since 1999. Costa Rica is always the team to beat. They have been in every championship game except one (1995). Costa Rica also has the most championship winning 6 out of the 11 Titles. Costa Rica is the favorite sine they are at home however the tournament has become quite competitive with the advancement of both Belize and Nicaragua. Belize has never won a game in this tournament however they are getting better. Belize has 4 draws total. One of those draws came 2011 against Nicaragua. They use to lose by many goals and be embarrassed. In 2003 they did not field a team. 2005 they lost 4-0 the Honduras and 2-0 to Guatemala. This tournament they played to a 1-0 to the host and favorite Costa Rica. Nicaragua has made the most progress . They just played Guatemala to a 1-1 draw. In 2009 they had their best showing placing 5th and making the 2009 Gold Cup. In 2011 they again played Guatemala but lost a tight 2-1 game to Guatemala. Nicaragua is trying to lift itself out of the bottom of Central America (Belize, Nicaragua Belize) and join the tier 2 group of Guatemala and El Salvador. Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras are Tier 1. This will be interesting if either Nicaragua or Belize places 5th and make the Gold Cup 2013. I am quite disappointed with Costa Rica and the lack of attendance. 5,000 is pathetic. The next host should be Nicaragua or Belize if they can get a stadium. The sport in Nicaragua has recently taken over baseball as the nations sport. Nicaragua also has a new national stadium in Managua. Time will tell

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