Saturday, February 2, 2013

African Cup

African Cup

I love tournaments and there is a good one on right now. Egypt will always be considered one of the top favorites along with Ghana now.

The final 8 consists of South Africa the host, Mali Cote d Ivory, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Cape Verde.

The knockout stage

The host South Africa will face new comer Mail. South Africa has put a good team together for this tournament and do not want to disappoint the home fans. Mail was the nation that you could scoop gold out of the river with a pan. Now radical Muslims took over a huge portion of the barren land in the north. The French militaryh as been doing a sweep of the area to cleanse the area of these radicals. I will give the edge to South Africa in this match.

Cote d Ivory will take on Nigeria. I can still remember Nigeria in the World Cup USA making the knockout round. Nigeria has made the finals 6 times losing 4 and winning only 2. They seem to be snake bitten in the finals. The Cote d Ivory always has a great team. This is the clash of the perennial powers. I think that Cote d Ivory will advance. They reached the finals last years and lost in the shootout to Zambia.

New comer Burkina Faso will take on Togo. Burkina Faso was in a group consisting of 3 other past Champions. Zambia was the current champion. Nigeria is a perennial power and Ethiopia last won in 1957. They placed first in this group. I see them advancing here.

Ghana vs Cape Verde Ghana has an easy first round opponent. I see them advancing.
Nations Titles Years won

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