Saturday, May 3, 2014

 The 2014 Caribbean Cup will take place in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Montego Bay has a very nice 9,000 stadium. the only problem is that is has a track that goes around the outside of field. This does not make the field that intimate for the fans. However this is a newer stadium built and it has seating capacity, a roof for the weather and a nice pitch. Cuba and Jamaica are already placed in the Final 8 leaving only 6 spots up for grabs.

Here is my quick look at the upcoming qualifying games and groups.

Preliminary round. No one from this group will win the cup. i see the 2 host advancing here Aruba will host a group and Bonair will host another group.

The First rounds get interesting. I also see all the host advancing. here is a quick look 9 teams will advance so

Martinique          Puerto Rico     Antiqua and Barbuda      St Kitts-
Suriname            Grenada           Dominican Republic       Guyana
Barbados            Curaco              St Vincent's and Gr         Dominica
Bonair                 Aruba              Anguilla                          st Lucia

I see all the host advancing which are Martinique (4 time Gold Cup Participant), Puerto Rico (huge population), Antiqua & B, and St Kitts. then i see Suriname, Grenada (2 time gold cup participant), dominican Rep and guyana. that is 8. Lets throw in Barbados since they will beat Bonair bad.

The second round things get much more competative and much better football.

T&T, Haiti and Guadeloupe will all host the 9 teams that moved on.  I see these 3 host making the Final in Montego Bay. that leaves 3 spots up for grabs. The next best teams will be Dominican Republic and Martinique.  That leaves one spot which I believe will be Guyana-Suriname- A&B.

Montego Bay Sports Complex, hold 9,000, has a roof for weather 

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