Thursday, October 8, 2015

CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying 2015

     The USA and Mexico have won their groups. USA scored 13 and gave up 2. They will play Group B runner up Honduras who scored 4 and gave up 2. You can throw that out window. The game is Saturday at 1:00pm local time (Mountain Time Zone).

Mexico will face Canada who scored 6 but gave up 6. Canada will have their work cut out for them to beat the perennial power of Mexico (7 GF and 1 GA). Mexico has only been scored on once my Honduras.

Mexico has participated in 10 Olympics while Canada only 3. The last being 1996 since the USA were hosting the Olympics did not participate in qualifying.

All is not lost on Canada however. They have reached the semi-finals the last 3 qualifying tournamnts. They have a good organized defense.....

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