Saturday, May 9, 2009

Panama Fan

Panama is a Central American Country that borders Columbia, south America to it's south. Costa Rica is it's northern border. The country is known for its Canal but it has turned into a business center for international trade and the canal has a lot to do with it. Panama City is the Capitol and largest City. Panama has close to 3.36 Million people which is the 6th largest (2nd smallest) population in Central America.

Panama use to be known for its boxing and baseball. However living between south America and costa Rica soccer has taken over as the countries top sport. Panama federation recently started their own domestic league in 1988. (MLS started in 1996). The league has grown and there are now 10 teams in the top division which has regulation. The league has 2 tournaments. The team with the fewest combined points from the Apertura and Clasura in the calendar year is relegated to the Primera A, and the winner of a 4 team playoff is promoted from the Primera A. Primera A has 8 teams also with relegation to Tier 3 which has 21 teams presently.

This expanding league has created interest and has also help fees a talented national team. The national team won it;'s first international tourament in the UNCAF 2009 Cup in Honduras. The Canalero shocked Honduras in the semi-finals, then they beat perentil power Costa Rica.

They are looking forward to win the regional Gold cup.

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