Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a small island country in the Caribbean Sea. It is made up of the large island of Trinidad and the much smaller island or Tobago. Tobago only is 10% of the total geography. The Capitol is Port of Spain a very large city. It is the wealthiest independent Caribbean country, boasting a high standard of living and high literacy rates. The island nation considers soccer their number 1 sport. Since the wealth of the country they have a good domestic league with a few foreign players playing on each team. Guyana is the most prevalent nation Trinidad and Tobago draws from.

The (Soca Warriors) has dominated the Caribbean Cup winning 8 out of the last 14 Cups. The Soca Warriors have been the best Caribbean team over the last decade. They also have players in the top European leagues. They play a great tactically sound team. They have qualified for the Gold Cup a Caribbean record 7 times. Their best performance was is 2000 when they made the semi-finals losing to eventual Champion Canada is a tight game.

When we examine Trinidad and Tobago national record we have to remember Trinidad and Tobago host the most tournament of any CONCACAF nation. Jack Warner sees to that. These tournament are youth tournaments, regional tournaments or other soccer related tournaments Trinidad and Tobago outpaces everyone.

Their Top domestic League is called TT Professional League. They league has 10 teams in the top league. They have a second division called the Super 6 made up of 6 more teams. They have 1 team (Defense Force) in the Port of Spain that has 18 titles. They play in Hasely Crawford Stadium (picture here recently remodeled with new seats) which they share with Jabloteh FC and the National team for Trinidad and Tobago. Since the club is composed of the Trinidad and Tobago's protective forces, they are named Defence Force F.C. Usually included are officers, soldiers, and sailors from the Trinidad and Tobago Army and Coast Guard. Defense Force has not won a title since 1999.
The next beast is a team is Port of Spain city is in the town of San Juan. This club is San Juan Jabloteh F.C. Jobloth F.C. won the last Championship and has only 4 Titles. Joe Public is Warner’s team that plays in the town of Arouca also located in Port of Prince. The top league was made semi-professional in 1996 and entirely professional in 1999. This small league translates into a powerful national team. Trinidad and Tobago is a soccer mad nation that loves their sport.

Their main rival is Jamaica.

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