Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gold Cup 2011 Final Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl will again host the Gold Cup final in 2011.
The last time the Rose Bowl hosted was in 2002 where the yanks beat Costa Rica in front of a very small crowd of 14,000.

This is a picture of Chelsea vs Inter Milan in front of 81,224 spectators. The past Gold Cup Finals have been very successful. New York 2009, Chicago in 2007 and again New York in 2005, Mexcio City 2003, Rose Bowl 2002 and La Memorial in 2000.
The Rose Bowl could hold over 90,000 for a soccer game. Mexico has a huge following in the Los Angelos area. Mexico hosted New Zealand prior to the World Cup (2010) and 90,500 showd up, mostly Mexicans.

This news also tell us the Gold Cup will not be rotating outside of the states for a few reasons. First it's all about the money. Tickets at LA are $30 for the cheap seats and over $100 for good seats. If the tournament was played outside the states this one game would make more that the entire tournament. Secondly this is a very important Gold Cup. All teams will be bringing their top teams. The winner will represent CONCACAF in the Confederations Cup in Brazil. All nations would want the experience of playing the top teams in the World the prior year. They also want to get accustom to the venues.

I am still hoping that the Gold Cup rotates out of the States to Gold Cup Central America in 2013.
It also sound like there will be only 12 nations participating again. The Gold Cup will not expand to 16 nations even though there are 40 natioonal associations. ...oh well. This should be the biggest Gold Cup yet will the focus on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil and after this succesful World Cup showing for my Yanks in South Africa.

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