Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gold Gup preview

I was going to write a quick article on the Gold Cup preview but Michael Lewis does a good job here.

My feeling is that CONCACAF is in disarray in it's leadership at his time. The Gold Cup will take our minds off the ugliness, corruption and backstabbing for a while. The 12 team tournament almost guarantee the yanks and Mexico to reach the final as long as neither does not come in 3rd in their group.

The attendance for this Gold Cup should break both the 2007 and 2009 records as long as the final has Mexico. I look for the yanks to play hard and restore the confidence in it’s fans after the Spanish 0-4 defeat. Mexico is confident and determined to repeat and get the Confederations berth in Brazil. The challengers will be Canada, Costa Rica and possibly Jamaica. Honduras, Panama and Guadeloupe could create great stories if they advance past quarterfinals. Cuba, Guatemala, el Salvador and Grenada are a step behind.

I hope for there are no favorable calls the wreck any tournament.

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Lorric said...

That demolition job by Spain could turn people away from supporting the US in the Gold Cup. I wonder what Spain would do to the rest of CONCACAF...

What happened to my comments on the Aruba vs St Lucia piece? They were there before...