Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aruba vs St Lucia will open the CONCACAF World Cup qualification

I can oly assume at this point that the CONCACAF new format is adopted.
  • Blatter is relieved that he was re ellected. this is last go around for his money grab.
  • Jack Warner is not on speaking terms with General Secretary Chuck Blazer.
  • Warner is presently suspended from his FIFA post so Blazer does not want to talk to him, Warner is just to hot.
  • Puerto Rico gave evidence of corruption so Warner is not talking to that federation. Puerto Rico is not happy that they were one of the few who missed out of FIFA $ to build soccer in the country. T&T even got $ the last go around and they are a richer country and a more advanced league.
  • 1/2 the caribbean nations are keeping quiet so they are not talking to Warner. The other 1/2 are showing support to Warner, probably they are so poor and grobble at Jack feet for $.
Well this link has a great CONCACAF format to look at.

Aruba will play at St Lucia first June 5th than travel back to Aruba to play at this beautiful stadium.

Aruba soccer building
This first picture is the Aruba technical Center. This was a FIFA goal project. This link has great picture of the facility that shows beds, lockerrooms and

Trinidad Stadium, Aruba view from the stands

Trinidad Stadium Field

Aerial view of Trinidad Stadium

Walkway in Trinidad Stadium

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