Monday, May 30, 2011

Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer warns Caribbean football officials as corruption investigation continues

     It looks like Chuck Blazer has had a riff with his long time buddy from Trinidad and Tobago, Jack Warner. This about face from Blazer seemed to have happened when the USA did not get the World Cup bid. My country did have the best bid when you compate most factors however the USA already hosted a World Cup. The problem was there was back room conversation that the yanks not bid for 2018 which was assumed to go to England. the yanks should bid for 2022 instead. Most corporate decision are made at informal meeting anyway.

Once neither got bids "there was something rotten in Denmark", the smell of corruption and lies was everywhere. Chuck Blazer was either influenced for the US soccer federation or just had enought of Warner. I assume the first. Warner has a lengthy list of alleged controversies.

1. T&T made the World Cup. The federation would split the money with the players. The federation said they only made about 18.2 million and expenses were 17..9. The Trinidad government claimed the federation received 173 million and comparing to other countries we can see who is lying. The players who argued for thei $ were then blackballed from T&T international play. The countries national team has suffered tremendously. They have not made the Gold Cup 2009 or this year Gold Cup.

2. Warner publicly criticized England claiming no one in Europe likes England and they neither should nor host a World Cup. He said he would vote for Spain, Italy or France. These 3 countries had already hosted World Cups. England has to gets it’s national team to fly to T&T to play T&T in 2008. Warner reverses his stance on England because he make $ when England played T&T. Warner has 40 votes for CONCACAF and he keep the Caribbean in line the way he wants.

3. 2006 WorldCup it is believed Warner sold tickets and profited over a million for selling good tickets. Warner was found guilty but it was his son who took the fall.

4. 2004: When T&T played Scotland Warner wanted Scotland to pay him directly with a check. Scotland football president John McBeth said “we don’t do that”. Warner that approached other members of Scotland federation seeking this personal money. Disgusting

5. 2018 bid was seeking out bribery money for his votes. He wanted 2.5 million for building an education building in Trinidad. We all know when Warner get $ it disappears. He never pays back his fines.


Lorric said...

I've been there before. (The wiki page, not Aruba! :) ) And it seems to give some confirmation that to my astonishment the format has been accepted. If you click on the 3rd link at the bottom of the page you get what looks like a FIFA document on the format. I'm sure it could easily be faked, but until someone says the format has been scrapped, why disagree with it? The wiki article says it has been accepted at the top of the page, with the (3) next to it for the link to the document.

By the way, ever since you posted that link to the Guatemala/Jamaica U20 match report, it has been linked in the sidebar under League of Ireland. Did you know that? Just thought I'd tell you.

Lorric said...

Oh, and I don't like the placing of all group winners into one pot. You could easily have this group:

Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada

and this group:

Honduras, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada.

And that's just assuming the top seeds win. But then I don't like the March 2011 thing either, it's used right the way through. Lucky, lucky, Cuba. And if they got the above group, they'd be the frontrunner for the hex!

I hope they draw Round 3 before Round 2. That way, they can at least draw Winner A, Winner B, etc, without knowing who those teams are. Then draw Round 2.

The format itself is very interesting, and imo a significant step up from the previous format, but the way they've structured the draw is a joke.