Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bermuda National Stadium

    Bermuda is the nation that will NOT be participating in the preliminary rounds in CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. They will be the 6th team to be placed in Pot D withthe 5 winners. I quick look at Bermuda beautiful stadium.
The Bermuda National Sports Center is the name of this venue. It is located in Hamilton Bermuda. I am guessing it's attendance for a soccer game is 5,000.


Lorric said...

I read a couple of Trinidad and Tobago match threads on the two legs between Bermuda and Trinidad and Tobago when Bermuda almost ousted Trinidad and Tobago from the World Cup. The... how do you refer to someone from Trinidad and Tobago??? The T+Ters praised Bermuda's stadium, saying it was better in some aspects than their own.

Lorric said...

The figure "8,000" came to mind when I read 5,000. According to wikipedia it's capacity is 8,500. But I know I read from the T+T threads a larger number than 5,000 capacity, and I'm guessing it was 8,000 that I read since it sprang into my head and when I looked it up it said 8,500.