Sunday, May 1, 2011

FIFA now has CONCACAF preliminary match ups

Belize National Team in Rommel Stadium, Panama
FIFA will decide at the end of May of the “new” CONCACAF World Cup Qualification is ok. I believe this is great for most CONCACAF nations. FIFA will decide in late May in Switzerland. June 3rd and 7th are the preliminary round dates. This does not give me much time to look at these nations. So I will start now. What I always want to look at is a counties population. Then try to see if they have a competitive domestic league. It is always fun to see the national stadium and if it will be packed with passionate fans and how wild they can be. Then look at the commitment the federation has and the coach they hire. A coach can organize a team defense and really produce some results. Then I get in trouble and make my prediction as to who will win. Well here goes.
Belize vs. Montserrat

Montserrat is a very small island in the Caribbean. There are about 4,500 inhabitants on the island. Most CONCACAF nations have that amount in the stands. Montserrat lost about 1/3 of it’s island to a volcano in 1995. I do not believe there is even a soccer league there. Their coach is the young (46) Kenney Dyer. He played in the lower level in England at a number of clubs. He is a native Montserrat native. He has his hand full. None the less they will play a World Cup Qualifying against Belize. Let’s hope there is no eruption.

Belize has about 300,000 in its population. The FIFA goal program has helped Belize tremendously. The program funded a building to house the national team. The program also provided funding for other building for office space for teaching and training the sport. Land was donated and the Gold program also funded a FIFA qualified pitch and a stadium that holds a few thousand. Belize national team has mostly played Central American competition and most games have been the Central American Cup. Belize has never won a game in this tournament but they have become competative in this tournament. They have been beaten bad for years and now it is there turn to run over some other team.
           Look for (MF) Elroy duo to control the middle. Elroy Kuylen and Elroy Smith will try to feed Deon McCaulay FW. McCauley is only 22 Their coach is José de la Paz Herrera who coached Honduras Club Marathon from 2001-2008. .Marathon won the Championship 5 times and was runner up 5 times (2 champios per year). He can coach. We will see if he can get Belize to believe in themselves and make a run. All things look good right now for Belize.

I see Belize taking Montserrat to the woodshed and giving them a beating. This will be a tune up for Belize's national team.


Lorric said...

That's a good point about the boot being on the other foot for Belize. Belize could well be very enthusiastic about running up the score here!

Belize have stopped getting destroyed at the Copa Centroamericana. They should have no problem here.

On another note, I thought about what would the first group stage groups look like if CONCACAF continues favouring the seeds and selecting the matches rather than drawing them and continues using the March rankings? well, this is what:

Group A
Bottom seed

Group B
Cayman Islands
2nd bottom seed

Group C
El Salvador
St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
3rd bottom seed

Group D
4th bottom seed

Group E
Trinidad and Tobago
5th bottom seed

Group F
Antigua and Barbuda
Puerto Rico

James Lagrange said...

INTERESTING FOR SURE. I do not like Canada and Guatemale and they have great fans.....

I think Guatemala will cause a lot of troub
I think the draw will attract attention for marketing. Since Gold Cup is no draw I would like a draw with 4 pots.

Lorric said...

Of course I hope they do do a draw. They should have done one for the preliminaries too, but like with the Gold Cup, CONCACAF seems to like choosing rather than drawing sometimes.

I take it you mean you don't like Canada and Guatemala together.

But from a US standpoint, surely that's exactly what you want, a stronger (we think) team getting taken out in the first round? The semi final round almost did for Mexico last time out, can't just assume you'll walk through it.

price per head reviews said...

at Lorric, well in my opinion I think that Belize is still getting so destroyed by most of the teams at the Copa Centroamericana and even more when they have to face a North American national team like USA and Mexico