Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Belize Defense force out of proper stadia...Bull shit

Dr. Bernie Chimillio
 Belize is the small central American country on the east Coast. This countr is granted one slot in the CONCACAF Champions League. The winner of this season goes to Defense Force.

but wait a minute...CONCACAF   officials claim they do not have the proper lighting for the stadium. This is "bull shit". This country need to participate...and the excuse CONCACAF gives is "lighting."

Lets back up....FIFA funded the goal project so Belize could have a playing pitch FIFA qualified. Land was donated and building were built to house the school to teach Belize soccer.

Now we finally get to see a Belize participate in the Champions League and CONCACAF say no ...dues to lighting....Play the frikin game in the day you shit bums!!!!

As for Belize...why do I suspect Dr. Bernie Chimilio is as corrupt as the next soccer official.

This is not the last time we heard about Bernie. Last WCQ Belize played their home game in the states...i believe Houston vs. Mexico. The Belize federation made over 1 doubt to pay Bernie and staff for their well deserved efforts.......

below is the quotes from the Belize web site. The same company funded the light project. Well what the #$%$% happened. I know if this crap happens in the business world, heads roll and people are fires. However in soccer and politics the same bull shit continues with the same corrupt players.
"This report will feature pictures of the completion project. The lights were not part of Goal project II however, the FFB received assistance from a local company who completed the facility by complementing the monies received by the FFB from FIFA. In addition, this same company funded the lighting infrastructure. "

This is the Belize field with the lights in back, what happened?

Your thought on Bernie and Belize?


Lorric said...

Oh well, since Belize's replacement, Olimpia, drew a Mexican team, they'd have had no chance anyway.

The continued unseeding of the Caribbean teams annoys me more.

CCL games are midweek games, so they have to be played at night. You'll know more about CONCACAF than me, but I watched matches in the U20 CONCACAF Championship and the lights went down in one of the matches, that was a farce. It stopped the game for about half an hour.

Lorric said...

Don't quote me on it, but I think it might have been Guatemala vs. Honduras where that happened. I know for sure Guatemala were on the pitch, and I know for sure it wasn't vs. Jamaica or United States.

James Lagrange said...,,12813~2326684,00.html

U-20 Guatemala vs. Jamaica in Guatemala.
..Good memory

Anonymous said...

Why do you quote bullshit LOL?!

Lorric said...

Not really. I said I was sure it wasn't the Jamaica match... :)

My long term memory is normally very reliable though.

Goonda said...

Where did you see that the reason was just because of lighting? There are a number of reasons that I could cite from the Champions League rules that would likely eliminate Belize.

1. It is not an all seater, and doesn't even have any seats as far as I can see.
2. Lighting to 800 lux is a lot of lighting. Not to mention the backup power supply required.
3. Are locker room facilities available? Need rooms for home team, away team, and officials. I havn't seen much in the way of structures around the Belize field.
4. Media facilities for tv and radio (2 enclosed booths minimum), broadcast trucks (parking for two and two phone lines minimum), etc.
5. PA system.

Of all of these, the only one that Belize might be able to pass on is the lighting based on the evidence I've seen. They might have the media and locker rooms too, but I haven't seen any images of buildings around the field.

I really wish Belize could get their act together, but I wouldn't call CONCACAF's decision bullshit.